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    1" sensor? That sounds like the RX10 / RX100 II chip... Image sensor 1.0-type back-illuminated Exmor Râ„¢ CMOS Sensor with approximately 14.2 effective megapixels Image processor BIONZ X Still image resolution Max. 20.0 megapixels 9,3-111,6mm f/2.8 zoom (29-348mm equivalent) Nice specs. Really don't like the handycam formfactor though. Full specs: http://presscentre.sony.eu/content/detail.aspx?ReleaseID=9344&NewsAreaId=2
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    andy lee

    550d user looking to upgrade

    just the battery for the Sony F35 costs more than a Panasonic G6 - the thread was for a sub £1000 camera not a Hollywood beast it weighs over 5kgs without any lens or lens support rig!! its massive not really a run and gun skateboard camera
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    Hi guys, I heard that some were trying to get in touch with me about some custom follow focus work here. I 3D print the follow focus gears to what ever specifications you may need. Im afraid on the tapered lenses, I would probably need to have the lens in my hands (unless someone wants to give me very detailed measurements/drawings from the lens). If some one is willing to part with their lens for a week or so, I'll get one fit on there and begin selling them via eBay. I'll even give anyone from eoshd a discount on custom gears, so try emailing me again and we'll get one rolling. Just shoot me an email at [email protected] or contact me through eBay's messaging system. Sorry if I've missed any of your messages!
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    For those of you who have problems downloading 9GB zip file, I have extracted 13 video files from that big file and uploaded them separately to http://fil.io/FL5kj/Samples%20from%20Grant%20Petty Premiere CS6 for some reasons opens them with lower resolution, but Premiere CC opens and plays it smoothly on my i7 notebook. I can even apply color correction filters, it still plays without frame dropping.
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    Inspiration & Neatvideo

    While discussing about gear and a storyline -- this comes into mind. http://nofilmschool.com/2013/03/oscar-searching-sugar-man-shot-iphone/ Some scenes shot on an iPhone, and won an Oscar for best documentary. Proves that you can create a compelling story and convince an audience, regardless of what tools you use. Just thought I share.
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    Inspiration & Neatvideo

    Hey Skip, Regarding NeatVideo, yes, get it. It's a lifesaver about half the time and unusable about half the time (if the footage is too mushy and grainy), but it will save your ass at some point. Regarding test footage, try this: try to get a stranger to let you film their daily life for an hour or two. Somebody random off the street from a radically different walk of life. Show them a little reel of your work on your phone if possible in order to get them to agree. Then try to film them in an up-close, intimate way that sheds new light on the details of how they live. Try to use only natural sound, no music, for a challenge. Example: OR try to re-work your b-roll footage into something with spoken narration to give it a tone poem feel. Maybe use your own voice for VO. Example:
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    Angeniex 15-150mm 1:2.8 works fine on the BMPCC. No dark corners.
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    tony wilson

    Iscorama 1968 tight focus

    remember tommy a long time ago i told you some info about time and promises above all bad excuses. you are in the time vortex 8 months 10 months. paying up front speeds the process up not. i told ya so all those months ago. just sayin never believe a man that has your money and your iscorama. as my dad once never said to me. son dontes you ever let a man hold yer balls and yer wallet at the same time. WELCOME 2 diemonland you have entered the time loop into the infinite. some people die waiting i hope your young and spunky : ) time runs but in vandiemen land it is still.
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