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    Fingerprint on sensor - what now?

    Took it to a camera shop today and had it serviced by their professional technician (who was kind enough to let me sit in and observe). Really good guy, one of those dudes who looks like he's been doing it for 30 years and you can tell really knows his stuff. Got it out no problem, took some test photos at a couple of different apertures, put together a little swab kit for me and that was that. Definitely glad I sought advice on this forum and happy with the way things turned out. Everything looks great! Thanks guys!
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    http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=7122.900 Audio recording while shooting in raw (MLV) has now been enabled by g3ggo. It seems like they are still working out some bugs, but it's good news. It has been out for a few days now, but I have not seen anyone else talking about it so I figured that it warranted its own thread.
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    What to buy: GM1 or GX7

    Ah camera vanity! Yes I suffer from that too. Having played with them all, my opinion: GM1: cute, difficult to use for video GX7: Thought I'd like it but wasn't taken with the design at all when I actually held it. If you haven't held one, I'd try it. G6: Handles like a DSLR while being small and light, good for video even without add-ons/rig, Looks in front of + inside the camera are the ones that really matter ...
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    andy lee

    Lens won't focus?

    there is a collar that has grub screws securing it to the innards of the lens are these grub screws secure?? if not it will just rotate and not focus I had this issue on a Cosmicar /Pentax 25mm f1.4 c mount lens , tighten them up and it works ok
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    What to buy: GM1 or GX7

    Another vote for the G6. AFAIK the only real advantage of the GX7 sensor is low light performance, and the G6 isn't exactly bad there - especially with SB. You can get them crazy cheap at the moment on ebay too (£275 body only on ebay UK!). The G6 is a true hybrid camera - sooo simple to shoot video with. It's also much more ergonomic than the GM1 or GX7. Similar size to GX7 but handles much better for video. I don't like the GX7's wobbly EVF for video, and I really don't like the GM1's lack of EVF, especially if traveling. If I were you, my choice would be G6, Speed Booster and Nikon 50mm 1.8 Pancake. You then have a small camera made for shooting video with a superb image, and you're investing a large percentage of your cash on the SB and lens which will potentially last you a lifetime. And your growing Nikon collection can go on any camera you buy in the future. Go for MFT glass (e.g. 20mm) if you want to be able to use auto mode a lot, but with focus peaking, EVF and histogram the G6 is a dream for manual glass, which IMHO is waaaay more filmic looking than MFT glass. I completely agree with Julian - I wouldn't have the GM1 OR the GX7 as my main video cam. They are interesting in image terms for video, but I really think they have been made primarily as stills cameras. I excitedly got to play with a friend's GX7 recently and immediately felt glad I'd gone for the G6 - much more video orientated. The D5300 is extremely small and light (have you held one? - not really that much bigger than a G6 with SB) but yes, a little annoying for video 'on the go'. I love the image I'm getting from my D5300 but if I'm travelling/keeping things light or need ease of use, I grab my G6. If you're using FCPX to edit, I import AVCHD directly from the card ('copy media' box is ticked automatically) and my workflow is no different to MP4. I know it's not the approved way of doing it, but it's absolutely fine. I really have no idea why people go on about it as a problem so much. No need for conversion IMO. The MP4 codecs are fine on the G6, but 24P AVCHD is the best ... Unless you have a very clear reason to go for the GX7 over the G6, I would give the G6 very serious consideration.
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    What to buy: GM1 or GX7

    How is it easier for the Macbook? Because of the AVCHD, or am I missing something here? I wouldn't worry too much about the easiness or toghness of the codec, because that is pretty easy to bypass. Just invest about 30 bucks or €ugenes to a small converter app that will convert the AVCHD (or other codecs, too) .MTS files to uncompressed .mov file, which will then be much easier for the editor and Macbook. Not any harder than the MP4. No need for more memory or processor power just because of some crappy compressed codec like AVCHD.
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    What to buy: GM1 or GX7

    Thanks Julian. Funny we're talking English here while both from the Netherlands ;) I'm considering the G6, but although it's the cheapest option, it uses a relative older sensor than the GX7 and GM1, but it has peaking. I like the G6 audio-input, the better EVF. It seems have to decide if I take my camera bag with me or not... I'm planning to use a small backpack so GX7+20mm will fit... choices choices...
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    What to buy: GM1 or GX7

    I love the GM1 as a technical achievement and I think it's a great camera. But I probably wouldn't want to have it as my only camera, if we're talking stills + video, because of the ergonomics. If you are climbing mountains and every gram counts, or you want to be able to store your camera in your pocket at all times, then the GM1 makes sense. Actually, I don't think it would be a bad idea to throw in the Panasonic G6 into this equation... cheaper than any of them (so definately get the speed booster with it!), ergonomics are pretty good. EVF + flipscreen. It just is a bit bigger... but if you plan on using a speed booster + nikkor lenses, you are going to carry it in a bag anyway. What's the difference if there is a GX7 or G6 in your bag...? not much. The G6 is quite a bit smaller than the EOS 60D, and half the weight: http://camerasize.com/compare/#100,455
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    Fingerprint on sensor - what now?

    Worst advice ever Andy Lee... Never breathe onto your sensor and don't use cotton buds or micro fibre cloths or whatever... It's the most delicate part of the whole camera. A pack of sensor swabs isn't even expensive... why bother trying to DIY with household materials???
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    Fingerprint on sensor - what now?

    Personally Jurgen, I wouldn't risk further harming your sensor and go to the store you've bought the camera for advice. Many specialized camerastores are experienced in cleaning your cam/sensors and will do it for a small fee or sometimes free of charge. And otherwise they will ship it to an official repair center. I don't know, but if you're using a small microfiber cloth (for cleaning lenses or glasses or such) I think it has to be absolutely clean for any impurities on it could scratch your sensor... But... found some useful links: http://www.mu-43.com/showthread.php?t=21725 and http://photosol.com/product/sensor-swab-plus-4-pack-type-1/ It seems the SensorSwab is pre-moistened with cleaning solution, so I assume it would remove fingerprints as well, and it's packed sterile so no impurities that could damage your sensor. I don't have any experience with SensorSwabs myself so use it at your own risk :)
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    Letus35 launch anamorphic lens adapter

    Unfortunately I looked at the image they posted (the truck) and it still has problems on the edges, left and right.  I wonder if they just figured rehousing the LA7200 glass is enough.  I figure it's easy enough to replicate the shape of the glass, and considering it looks to be the same size, I guess the same problems persist.  At least the glass from SLR Magic doesn't seem to have this.  I wonder if a shootout is in order here - LA7200 x Century Optics x SLR Magic x Letus35!!!
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    Thanks for all of the information guys, I was able to find my lenses on that wiki to so that was also helpful. Next step is to pick up a clamp from redstan or vid-atlantic and start testing with my kit lens. I'll post what I come up with ...
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