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  1. I went through the same process last summer and ended up getting the 5D3 and right away installed ML , (I had finally decided on the BMCC 4K but as I had already gone through the waiting process for the BMCC 2.5K - I cancelled my order due to waiting) Today if there was the 4K model out, I would go for that, especially for Resolve and you being a colourist makes more sense. I am happy with the RAW ML 5D3 but the workflow is a bitch. A buddy of mine has the BMCC and workflow is much better. The other thing really to consider is your operating system be it Mac or PC! You got some great work on
  2. Hi - question Magic Lantern 5D3 RAW - why doesnt it allow to record when zebra is on? When off no problem!! Thanks Shaun
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