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    OK sorry go with shutter priority (S) mode and set it to 1/50 for EU/PAL lights. Indoors the camera will automatically go to shallowest depth of field and change ISO to suit. Shutter speed can be multiples of 1/50 - 1/100, 1/200 work too (for slow motion, but can look jittery like "Gladiator" movie if used at 24P). Good luck!
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    Film Photography resources

    Interesting that you should shoot weddings. I saw a photographer at a wedding fair the other day & his USP was that he shot all on film. He had some nice large prints & albums but the style was more blurry & arty than what we are used to nowadays. Of course the danger if you get a taste for film photography is to realise why wedding photographers used to use medium format cameras with a negative size 3-4x the size of a 35mm negative then discover that while a Hasselblad is still very expensive that a used Mamiya 645 can found found on eBay at a very affordable price. It's a slippery slope...
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    Ay Caramba. Lovely and very expensive (worth it?) stills camera...looks like a total video fail though. The Nikon D5200 Andrew reviewed recently shoots far better video unless there was some problem rendering the Leica footage or etc. Why Leica chose Mr. Overgaard (who has an open hatred of video) to shoot this is a bit of a mystery indeed. He does seem to embody the attitude one encounters with a lot of devoted Leica shooters: ALLERGIC TO MOTION. I know Nikon shooters who are the same way, but Nikon seems to be rapidly catching up in the video department...their next generation might give Canon and Panny real competition...and more choice for us!   With the relationship Leica has with Panasonic, wonder if they consulted with Panasonic engineers on the video aspects of this camera? Seems unlikely. But then again my anecdotal impression is that most Leica shooters don't give a damn about video anyhow.    Perhaps Leica should stick with stills. But hell...$seven grand for a body is out of my league anyhow. I'll stick with my hacked GH2 for now...or maybe GH3 in the near future. Even the D5200 might be an interesting cam for a different flavor and a lot of bang for the buck.   Thanks again Andrew for all the work keeping the blog going. Look forward to your GH3 review! 
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    That was poor.  I think Leica's marketing department have to take the blame here.  Why did they give the camera to a stills photographer who openly confesses to hate video?  And one who clearly has no experience of shooting or editing video at all.  That is not the way to promote the video features of your new camera. 
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    Film Photography resources

    depending on your digital, with a macro lens, a lightbox and a tripod i've had colleagues print decent quality A3 from 35mm 'scans'. you could definitely play around with those, and for the web its fine. bigger an yeah you'll want a dedicated scanner.   make friends with someone that owns a drum scanner :P   
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    GH3 - stripes/band issue from LCD TV light

    Check out my video test from over 2 years ago:   http://youtu.be/OT3UoTtb2UY
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    Another Moller Video... https://vimeo.com/61383601 Best regards.
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