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  2. Aren't we simultaneously having two conversations? The P4K is way too sharp!!! 4K and modern cameras aren't cinematic, the Alexa / older BM cameras are all lower res and have magic. The P4K is way too soft!!!! BRAW is clearly inferior because it smooths fine detail. Not to mention conversations in other threads that also include: Who needs 4K - 1080 is fine and you can't tell the difference and ...... blah blah blah 8K!!!!!! OMFG!!!!! 😎😎
  3. Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II G7X II Digital On Ebay Camera Price: $465.00 Product Identifiers BRAND Canon Product Key Features Model Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Optical Zoom 4.2x Digital Zoom 4x Megapixels 20.1MP Color Black Series Canon PowerShot
  4. You are putting too much faith in trump...as soon as the Chinese offer him to build a trump tower in Beijing , suddenly no more problems with them...they will be "Fine people...really fine people...
  5. hi. i realised i never got an answer and having hard time finding the info. what is the closest to flog in resolve color management ? is there a lut to convert to rec709 ? thx
  6. Shirozina


    I had a couple of FDn 35-105 F3.5's and they had amazing central resolution but the outer edges were horrible but this was on full frame so I'm sure they would work very well on M43.
  7. I think that Chinese mirror say: That’s why I said let the fat greedy people suffer. They cause their own problem but try to fix it by further exploiting/exterminating other countries/civilizations. That’s shame for a so called intelligence race on earth.
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  9. a gimbal would be easier to use, not 100% the same result but can be really perfect after post
  10. Hungry is just a metaphor of greedy. The problem of China is that she ruins her natural resource and intelligent people instead of doing sustainable development or encourage innovation such as protecting intellectual property. The CCP and some people in China are just too harsh to be success in every aspect, especially in technology and military because both help to build up the prestige of CCP and usually being used as a patriotic propaganda. If they can’t get in pace with other countries, just steal it. This kind of thought is quite common to Mainland Chinese because of some historical reasons. About 150 years ago, China was still under the regime of Ching Dynasty. Eight-Nation Alliance used to rip off China causing certain degree of damage by stealing the properties from the emperor. That’s one of the reason behind the thought. Another reason is the damage during WWII. Japanese troops invaded China for almost 8 years. These two reasons of being humiliated by the foreign countries are always manipulated to advocate the revenging emotion of general people. Indeed, IP theft is the result of this kind of thought. Mainland Chinese just believe stealing can compensate their loss in hundred years ago and being seen as patriotism. Another problem of China is that after they ruin the nature resource and agriculture for infrastructure that they need to find other resource to meet the market demand. Thus, they exploit other countries’ resource aggressively, especially the ocean and wildlife in Africa. It causes tension in South East Asia and lead to species extinction. That’s why I said let the hungry people suffer. They cause their own problem but try to fix it by exploiting other countries. That’s shame for a so called intelligence race on earth. Mainland Chinese never learn fair-play and respect their companions. When Germany and Japan proof themselves can be good to the world after WWII, China just still stays victimized herself but not to improve their morality all because it is under the regime of CCP. Chinese can be good. Taiwan just proves herself that a proper democracy system can help a nation and country stay strong. But I believe most of the people in Taiwan prefer to claim themselves Taiwanese whatever their roots are from China. I think Mainland Chinese should learn a good lesson from the trade war. By the way, when you meet a Chinese someday, try to ask where the person came from. Chinese as a nation is widespread in the world but it doesn’t mean all Chinese are from Mainland China. Try to be subtle, you may find a lot of different between Hongkonger, Taiwanese, Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese. That’s complicated but that’s still the best way to avoid being racist. Whatever you hate Trump, please let him stay in his position until he put president Xi and CCP down. After that just go fxck him whatever your like.
  11. You may like to shoot the messenger because you don't like what he says but it's the cDNG 'ultras' that have issues with myopia (at 300%).....
  12. Hmm, that's a bummer, but at least the card works somewhat. Since you're using ExFat, have you tried formatting to OSX in camera? If that works, you might then be able to format again to ExFat from the now blank card. A stupid work around, and probably won't work, but I'd try if you haven't already. I also read that if there's a bit of dirt on the contact points on the card, the camera might have issues, while other card readers won't... could you check that just to be doubly sure. I think the best course of action would be getting a new card and keeping this one as a backup, always initiated on a PC and kept in your back pocket. If it's any help, I use these in our UMP4.6k (not Pro) and so far never had a problem. They're also the cheapest Cfast 2.0 cards I could find.
  13. JAJAJJA....trump should be in jail if is not for the GOP who protect him, trump is a criminal, a Russian Asset...and a Liar. What happened to "Mexico will pay for the wall"???? he said that thousand of times, is he doing what he promised??NO AND NO...stop watching fox news 24/7 open your eyes....you are in the trump cult. The real enemy for the West is Putin, he wants to destroy The West from the inside, he is using propaganda and right-wing extremist in order to reach his goal. Trump is following Putin's orders, he owed the Russian mafia billions has no way to pay them but to obey...and by the way trump IS AN IDIOT
  14. Still happy with my pocket. The ability to just shoot in prores LT and get small files as well as RAW if I want it is great. Its nice that the RAW can just be put right in Desolve and edits like butter. The XT3 and XT30 are great though. Eterna is really nice and of course the 10 bit Flog on the XT3 is just really easy to work with.
  15. Zach Goodwin2


    New picture I took with FD 35-105 F/3.5
  16. I'm trying not to get my hopes up with the rumors about Panasonic dropping something May 31. But man, it would be awesome if they did.
  17. Right. On Twitter... Where else? The very democratic and equity US Electoral college too? I doubt the also liberal Churchill would praise him... I bet this one coming from someone with conservative roots, such means something. As well, that old principle, you know, one man one vote. Not for everyone, though, isn't it? ; -)
  18. Yeah that’s what this infamous troll thought when he posted this poll today on Tweeter... things didn’t go as he expected.
  19. I would almost argue that the Pocket 4K is $1K, considering it comes with a software license worth $300. The mind-blowing practicality of BMRaw cannot be overstated either. I dare say it cuts faster than h.264. People dock it points for having deficiencies that require it to be kitted out for serious use, but that’s just the pedigree of a typical cinema camera experience. If anything, it is easier to rig than bigger, more expensive cine cams. I have a cine cam now, and money left over for other things like wireless follow focus and monitoring solutions that can quickly make professional production methods a reality, even on small projects. My plan is to get a quality cage with lens adapter support, and a positive-locking EF Speedbooster to transform the Pocket 4K into a rock solid full frame RAW sensor block. The image quality I’ve been pulling out of this little thing without even trying is already punching obnoxiously close to Alexa territory... and we’re talking hand-held selfie vlog shots with an SSD dangling off the grip. Borderline idiocy. This camera gets me into the cine environment on the cheap, and there’s a whole lot more to that besides the end image quality. The UI and general handling are a whole other workflow. I can kit up the necessary accessories, and almost all of them will be useable in the future with yet-unreleased camera bodies. Gear like v-mount batteries, Nucleus-M, Small-HD Bolt, rods, quick release systems, mattebox and filters, shoulder rigs... Sure, you have to kit it out, but once you do, you have that kit forever. Resolve 16 is a beast. I’ve spent 10X as much time in Resolve the past month compared to time spent in my old haunt, FCPX. The NR is magical and very natural if you know how to dial it in. The wait for the new FilmConvert is agony right now. I’m ready to leave the baked in film print emulation of the current version in the dust. I’ve been using the status-m workaround lately, and while cumbersome, it makes FilmConvert pure magic, doubly so when you give it BMRaw to work with.
  20. @CaptainHook Hook, you just add a disservice to our brand with such blind & piteous attitude. Who puts money in the hands of the manufacturer who pays your income, demands more from your juvenile approach. Learn to listen your clientele and some other point (and argument) outside your bubble rather than act as a complete Autist... with all due respect to them, they don't deserve to be compared with some other class of individuals who can't see a shit beyond the own belly button ; -)
  21. The S1 User Manual states that the 6K PHOTO crops are as follows... 3:2 6K Photo = 5184 x 3456 4:3 6K Photo = 4992 x 3744 ...the 4K 60P is an approximately 1.5x crop at 3840 x 2160. FWIW an actual 1.5x crop of the 6000 x 4000 sensor would equal 4000 x 2666.67 but I've not seen where Panasonic ever states that they use this aspect ratio. Interestingly, that 1.5x crop would equal 10.67MP in APS-C size, coincidentally very close to the 10.2MP count of the GH5S albeit, the latter, in MFT size and with smaller 4.51 micron pixels. More interesting, to me, was that the (larger) 5.93 micron pixels in the S1 yield a 22.77mm-wide physical frame when shooting 3840 x 2160 4K/60P which falls neatly in between the 24.89 mm-wide size of Super 35 and the 21.95 mm-wide size of Academy 35mm, basically giving one a "Super35, low-light, GH5S" built/hidden inside the S1. :)
  22. Trump, popular, ever? Well, for a conservative faction desperately looking for idols from vacuum...? Of course. No one else.
  23. I know it has its faults and doesn't get much love but, purely in terms of what I've seen people shoot with them, I've never seen much from the BM 4K Production Camera that I didn't think looked pretty good. I saw one in the window at a CEX branch a while ago for £650 and I see MPB have got one now for £709. Won't be long before they reach my totally arbitrary "oh go on then" price of £500!
  24. mercer


    I was inspired by Andrew’s post about older cameras and had a look at some of my old frame grabs from my D5500 and Tokina 24-40mm lens...
  25. In case anyone looking for Sigma MC-21 compatibility list, here is a good resource https://www.tttphotography.com/sigma-mc-21-ef-l-lens-adapter-compatibility/ Sample video
  26. Inspiring images and great planning on his part to get the shot.
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