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  2. Geoff CB

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I certainly have. Also got an email from them about dropping the price for me if I renewed. I'm not going back.
  3. I don't think an 8k monitor would be necessary. I bought a pretty decent 4k monitor and I can't tell the difference.
  4. A down vote WTF. I agree, after 3 years I doubt they are going to be best buddies anytime some. DPR's loss the way I see it. They do need help on the video side. You don't learn this stuff in a few years. Years of on the job training is a must I think. There is so damn many aspects to it is the problem. And Photo experience, other than maybe exposure, even that is weak, amounts to hardly nothing.
  5. Yeah a Sony a7s is just getting started at 25,600 ISO. Mine was just jaw dropping impressive at that kind of ISO. Sony can do some magic stuff with Sensors. Now menus ehh.
  6. Hmm sort of has an early Sony look to it without the noise. Defiantly an improvement, but not a Jeez I want to run out and buy one look. Not the creamy D750 look, at least to me. 😜
  7. Well if it is able to be record to a SD card I would think my Box Computer on my desktop ought to make it happen. The big problem, well a HUGE problem, would be a 8K monitor to view it! 😬
  8. colors look a lot more vibrant. That said can't find anything with skintones
  9. I must admit I have not investigated them. I will give it a look.
  10. Andrew Reids LUTs and in camera profile seem like a good option.
  11. Today
  12. Even that video has more of a dark look to it that i just don't like. It is not like this thing just came out this week. It would be at the bottom of my list. At least the Canon EOS-R has it's warts, but it does have nice CS. There is no reason in this day and age to Have to be as good as Zak to get a decent image from a modern camera lol.
  13. will you actually use 8k? or better question have a PC that could handle it
  14. I don't know if a camera can perform well at 25,000 iso I think low light king is worthy or at least low light prince 🀣
  15. I think the footage from it is amazing, and it is even more amazing it is a Sharp Sensor, and sort of their first try 8K wise. Even the Color Science of it looks great to me. GAS attack, I want one, WoW.
  16. Yeah the 5D mk II is pretty good for low light stuff. But in reality it "only" goes to 25,600, so I would not call it a low light king like the 5D mk III was. I think the PK4 goes to 25,600 also, which for a BMD camera, that is groundbreaking Amazing lol.
  17. Not for me... actually, reading one after another this one and topic about new Sharp 8k camera, given examples have very similar look to me.
  18. Geoff CB


    Quick test of the Tamron 45mm 1.8. Great close focus and interesting separation.
  19. newfoundmass

    Davinci Resolve 16

    As long as they're letting us know it's in beta I'm fine with Blackmagic doing it cause I can decide whether or not to download it. Adobe? Not so much.
  20. Are you shooting Canon Log 2? IMO it’s too flat. I find it helpful to use a LUT or it gets weird.
  21. It really depends on what part of the image you are judging. I like the dynamic range of the Canon in the shadows better. The PK4 has better resolution by far . As for color, I like the extra gamma look of the Canon over the Pocket 4K, but I can tweak that in post. I also don't doubt that with the right lens (and speedbooster?) that PK4 could make up some ground when the f-stops are equivalent.
  22. I agree with @webrunner5 the BM wins by a big stretch. That being said, its still pretty good for 2009. I remember being blown away by ML RAW on it when it became available.
  23. The biggest difference is the 5D2 is free for @Emanuel so it’s a win-win. Download ML and have a blast shooting FF Raw.
  24. The developer of libgphoto2 also did it sometime last year, I haven't checked it though: http://www.gphoto.org/proj/libgphoto2/support.php
  25. I contacted B&H and Sigma, they both mentioned US release date to be end of April/May 1st.
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