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  2. jpfilmz

    Race to the bottom

    Like I care. At least Im getting work vs woe-is-me'ing about hypothetical theoreticals.
  3. I'm actually really good Kaylee as I have been studying in biology textbook.
  4. Or one of us is living in the past! (it is usually me but not this time!).
  5. Today
  6. Could you understand Anything she said lol?
  7. im good Zach, how are you? this is a great idea, we should have an Off Topic sticky!! im actually in a SUPER good mood bc JASPER (my doggee) HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND AND THEYRE GONNA HAVE PUPPIES THEY JUST MET IRL YESTERDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME OMG. the pups name is Hannah i already love her so yeah im doing great lol lol im in the present you live in the future 😂
  8. Thanks (even though that was yesterday!). You too!
  9. happy 4/20 everyone!!!!
  10. Yesterday
  11. A camera so hot it was gone in a flash.
  12. Arri Alexa, Red Monstro, Canon C700 FF, and a whole lot of others.
  13. Old or new? Film, Tape or Digital.
  14. I'm a little confused about focal length. Can you calculate what 50mm +anamorphic+metabons would be on pocket? Thank you!
  15. I've heard Canon is putting out good stuff these days
  16. Nah, I would rate in order of violence from my experience playing. 1) Rugby Union,2) Rugby league 3) Australian rules. Don't think there are any other kinds are there? Off topic, What are some good movie cameras? (sorry could not resist).
  17. @webrunner5 Now imagine all that red in the middle of such landscapes from where my roots literally came... where this 'used car salesman' : D *unforgettable* LOL still keeps a vineyard family business today : -) To those who love such real reddie good oldies, here's the following episode from this 900-years country of history: where you can figure the English accent as foreign language of this thread host now of yours, by native-Portuguese-English-speakers-n-ultimate-car-lovers in this virtual world we all live in : ) Cameras are like cars, the finest vineyard or Oporto wine... never become old fashioned : -)
  18. Sage

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Well done, great shots throughout.
  19. Yeah, was hoping it would be, just late at night, etc, my paranoia reaction kicked in... I find it odd, searching for an online security check tool for QR Code comes up with nothing.
  20. Thanks for the information. No, I don't need redundancy, though I do need long capacity, I shoot events that are rather long, one takes. The Atomos Power Station really spoiled me. It would be perfect if they correct the battery contact pins. BTW, the Power Junkie NPF and the dummy battery solution seems to work good, and is VERY cheap priced. Now to find a proper NPF battery charger as the Atomos Video Power Station also provided that function very well, when it was working...
  21. Definitely depends. I know a company that hires like 4-5 shooters for weddings just to look more "big scale". Decided not to work with them as I think they are full of BS lol
  22. dbp

    Race to the bottom

    I've definitely seen that more with corporate work than with wedding work. I've had a few moderately tech savvy couples, but most don't care at all and just trust your portfolio. If anything, they appreciate a smaller profile.
  23. On the flip side some couples want to see the big cameras, as they associate that with high end. I think it will be a while before that changes. Even now most people have no idea what or why cinema cameras are expensive and used professionally or how they compare to a cell phone camera.
  24. It counts as a life experience thats for sure. Even we locals acknowledge they can be somewhat demanding.
  25. This thread does indeed attract a certain type of people. I'm also 34 and I've got a PhD in algorithms. (I am hardly as knowledgable about wedding photography, as my username suggests). Maybe we should band together to make an end of manual wedding photography and create Skynet
  26. @gwan, that was really, really nice. I was in London a few weeks ago and, unfortunately, it wasn't so sunny then. ) : Welcome to the forum, by the way!
  27. Dated a Scouser girl for some time, does it count?
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