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  3. I would not say IBIS is a must have... they might have advanced EIS... like Hypersmooth or Rocksteady. It might be AI enhanced? The words "Game Changing" lend me to believe there must be some truly revolutionary features. It's quiet intriguing. With this much buildup there had better be something ground-breaking included. Im not sure about the latest claim @TheRealOG made? I've seen too many post about things with anonymous sources that don't pan out... but if true... we might be in for a real surprise.
  4. depends on lense af and motors. it is pretty good on my tamron 24-70 and my 28mm 2.8. i mean when i compare to the same lenses on a canon body. i also have canon 85mm 1.4 but didn't tried it yet on the fuji to me the problem is not the adapter but the lense's af itself.
  5. I agree, two models would be good, if the lock mechanism isn't possible. If they take it out, it's an instant no-buy for me.
  6. Partly in return for Fuji's material science contribution to ISOcell sensors perhaps?
  7. So this is the paid update then? H.264 MP4 4K 25/30p 150Mbps (4:2:2 10-bit, Long-GOP, LPCM) H.264 MP4 4K 24p 150Mbps (4:2:2 10-bit, Long-GOP, LPCM) H.264 MP4 FHD 50/60p 100Mbps (4:2:2 10-bit, Long-GOP, LPCM) H.264 MP4 FHD 25/30p 100Mbps (4:2:2 10-bit, Long-GOP, LPCM) H.264 MP4 FHD 24p 100Mbps (4:2:2 10-bit, Long-GOP, LPCM)
  8. Well at least the firmware update will fix the audio codec. You're never going to get the best audio quality through internal pre-amps anyway, always better to use an external device. The audio circuit inside a camera has a lot of other noise from electronics and heat to deal with. I think Panasonic are holding a few things back from the $2k S1, for obvious Cinema Lumix related reasons! That camera might be $4k or even $6k though, so at least you are saving some money by going with the S1 and it's minimally crippled video feature set. It's far from an EOS R. No crop, anamorphic aspect ratios, great codec, internal 10bit, soon to be 4:2:2, high bitrates, 4K/60p Super 35, hardly lacking for a stills camera is it?
  9. It's in the name, "studio". That's were it makes sense to have the option of a small camera hooked up to the mixer. Other uses is when it needs to be in frame, webbinars, anything really. It's just the imagination that sets the limit.
  10. Actually it does have 60p. Actually I got confused too !!! I wrongly assumed at first the micro 4k had an internal SD recording like its cheaper brother... I don't understand what BM did there, what's the point of making such a compact camera if you can't use it in its smallest form ? I almost made a mistake here ! So final choice is the BMPCC4k
  11. I’ve got the Fringer EF-X Pro1 and I can tell you it’s not great for video. I only do video with the X-T3. It can take a second or two to acquire focus. Then, for thin DOF shots in “C” mode, it will “micro-hunt” quite a lot while shooting. I have a button assigned to focus-lock to kill that during a shot. I have used it with the 24-105 f4L and the 70-200 f2.8L, and a bit with the 50mm f1.8 STM lenses that I already had, and wasn’t satisfied. As salt in the wound, it ignores the focus sensitivity and speed settings in the camera. It will shift focus as fast as it can, no matter what the camera-menu settings. I now use the Fuji 18-55mm and 10-20mm stabilized lenses for video. They’re good lenses, and I’ve been satisfied with the AF performance in run-and-gun situations, whereas I’ve pulled my hair out using the Fringer adapter and my wonderful Canon glass.
  12. X-Trans RGB X-Trans Bright 0.61um 1/2" mobile sensor and more
  13. Can someone tell me how good autofocus is in video with EF speed boosted lenses?
  14. Exactly, who cares about quality or ripoff products? I mean, is it worth the difference knowing you paid the creators instead a Chinese company that simply stole the design? It’s not like the guy who designed the optics that were copied even posts in this forum. Everything should be as cheap as possible, especially the work you do, you should strive to deliver at lower costs. @Brian Caldwell
  15. My "local" (until Monday) camera shop has it up for pre-order now for June delivery. With the tax refund and extra discount for paying by visa, its just on £7K. For UK buyers, I reckon that £3K saving its well within the realms of "definitely worth a plane ticket" if I was in the market for one, particularly so in 3 or 4 months time when used ones start to become available here and even bigger savings can be had.
  16. I hope they have 2 models - one with IBIS and one without (this would appease everyone). Or they do have IBIS but have an IBIS lock mechanism. I know people bang on about IBIS rather obsessively, but theres a good reason for it. It's absolutely liberating.
  17. Yeah hope they replace h265 soon, not sure what its doing on what they are calling a proffesional cinema camera. H264 and h265 codecs are shitty to edit with.
  18. Look at this man and how he believes on both: - free market -- he doesn't directly make mention to the US government in charge launching the ban; - humbleness -- without lacking the perspective who they are and what they have... 2-3 years in front as far as 5G concerns is an eternity (call it "cheap gadgets"... : P) and the ultimate reason why the ban decree popped up now.
  19. this video is old and it was using one of the first firmware if not the first
  20. ok, but i never found a clear workflow for rcm. and the more i read the more i get confused. to me the real question is "will it still be there after transcoding to prores or dnxhr" because you don't want to work with h265 files directly in resolve. or you have to create proxy files. did a test and i had a clear difference in red
  21. come on I bet you got some fun out of pulling peoples strings, you still do it on here😂
  22. Well a person could just pick and choose all feel good stories and that is OK. Nothing wrong with that. But that doesn't reflect real life, at least not as a TV stations looks at it. I guess you could just follow what you are into to and be happy. Might not kick your dog or beat your wife, or the opposite when you get home lol.
  23. That makes sense. There is definitely different types of activism videos one can make. Take someone like Nas daily, which is pretty much all positive stuff.
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