How to avenge the price of the Canon 1D C and make the camera pay for itself

Canon 1D C rig

I heard a great quote today in the world of motor racing. One of the top engineers at Mercedes F1 had shifted into a management roll, but he was really better at the sporting side. He said he was a racer not a businessman. For ‘racer’ replace it with filmmaker and his quote applies equally to artists…

“I’m not an entrepreneur I’m a filmmaker, I want to make films without the incumbent thoughts of trying to make a profit”.

These days artists are expected to also be businessmen, to survive. Thankfully there’s such good stuff at low prices for filmmakers, to spend $12,000 on a camera body has to be somewhat more than just an artistic decision. It has to pay its way…

I’ve thought of five ways to become a Canon 1D C owner without taking a huge gamble on your finances.

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