Is raw on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera worth it? Dispelling the myths


There’s some debate at the moment around the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and how useful the raw recording mode is. For me it is ground-breaking at this price point but it seems not everyone sees it with the same enthusiasm because of the workflow and storage requirements. Some say raw is time consuming, not practical, or clients don’t need it.

There is no single answer to this which suits everyone, or every shoot. If someone says that their current clients don’t need raw and they don’t see an advantage to working with raw video – then they are absolutely right to believe that. If someone tries to tell you that their opinion on this is the ultimate and final voice on the matter, they are wrong. Personally I am in favour of raw for what I do (this opinion is based on my own needs).

But part of the reason I am coming down so heavily in favour of raw myself is not just because of me – it is because I can see some less obvious benefits to work that many would be dead-set on shooting with ProRes in-camera.

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