Dear Sony… The A55 is just not good enough

Above: the Sony A55, which died today.

UPDATE #1: Sadly the same applies to the Sony A580 – the full sized DSLR which has also been announced. It also has interlaced footage, low bite rates and limited manual controls (aperture priority and that is all). Who is responsible at Sony for these blanket movie mode limitations?

UPDATE #2: Not everybody gets the DSLR video revolution and it is these customers Sony are catering for. Could their stance actually HELP sales of the Sony A55 overall and will video modes continued to be dumbed down without manual controls and 24p on future video DSLRs? It looks like it! [url]

The Sony A55 has been announced and picked up one glowing review after another. My view of the video mode, is very different. You may remember I was very excited by this innovative transparent mirror DSLR when we heard the rumours (which turned out to be correct) a few months ago. But they have crippled the video capabilities.

Dear Sony… Canon and Nikon are market leaders in DSLRs. If you’d like to compete, I recommend recognising their strengths.

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