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  1. Yeah, that made me think of . If you want to capture lav audio, inconspicuous, no wiring, the Instamics ( ) seem the way to go.
  2. Dave had some good point to go for the Canons... But... with the EOS-M5 they've like copied their PowerShot G5 X and turned it into a mirrorless interchangeable lens system... without the same vari-angle screen (D'OH!). It's a step in the right direction, but... Fujifilm, Olympus, Sony and Panasonic seem just leaps and bounds ahead concerning the features game, they're not holding back... which I think is kinda silly. Because I don't really care about brands... whatever works I get. And that could be a Canon or Nikon as well, so... are they succesfully protecting certain line-ups and still selling these held back cameras like hot cakes? Dunno. I guess. But it's a damn shame, because that DPAF, with Canon color science, with a well supported mount would be dope... if it were 4K with proper codec, sensor stabilization etc. Oh well.
  3. No physical sensor shifting. But, opposed to like plain warp stabilization, it's very possible it has a combination of accelerometers/gyro to improve results (think: SteadXP style). GX80 with 12-35mm is already below 600 bucks here, body only even considerably less. And that's new... Paired with a compact lens like e.g. the Leica 15mm f/1.7, I can't think of a better fun tiny snapper tbh. Of course it indeed depends of what you've got lying around and you're style of shooting etc is. In the end it's all good if you can make it work. Recently YT oldtimer Philip DeFranco (or should I say Joe Nation, who filmed) went VCR/DV-style and with the edits and cheesy transitions, it did kinda have something nostalgically cool; which again shows I guess that quality is not everything, it's what you do with it. Gotta have fun with it.
  4. Wait, how is stabilization top notch with Canon? They only have silly e-stabilization, no? And that embedded video... actually, the image quality isn't too great and you'd already only use the your best shots, but the guy knows his composition, editing, grading etc that makes up for it. Just goes to show that it's the one that presses the buttons that matters, not the device the buttons are placed on. For vloggers etc however, a Canon is just a breeze to work with, you could just shoot away, drop the footage on the timeline, cut the sequence and you're done. If... like... the content is the only thing that matters, I mean, there's enough shakey portrait mode videos shot on potatoes that have gone viral. Though... if you're want to add a touch of actual cinematography and want the most control and information captured as possible... you can't deny that a Sony A-series or Panny G-series is flippin' awesome. They've got more to offer than that point-n-shoot characteristic of anything that's Canon consumer range and especially Panasonic is doing it rather well, I'd say.
  5. Dope! Vintage usually has some romantic quirkiness to it, can't help but to love it. Somebody recently mentioned / / . Thought that was quite interesting as well. Quirky character, cinemodded and affordable.
  6. Ah yeah, I feel so dumb now with my googley skills and otherwise pretty solid memory. I've totally seen that, just to have totally forgotten about the fact that I had! Thnx. Good point, looks like it has a gold diffusion filter in front or something... definitely it's the Voigtländer that makes my nipples the hardest as well. Hum, food for thought. Someone has an E-M5 with the Voigt (bit of cosmetic wear) up for sale, is aiming for 850 bucks (as in EUR, without the body is about 200 off, so 650-ish). Maybe I should drop by and see what's what. Maybe you could make the 17mm f/1.8 sing somehow though, like proper whitebalance settings, tone adjustments or something. Still might have something weird going on otherwise, but if there's more experiences out there, please feel free to share your thoughts.
  7. Anyone here familiar with the Olympus 17mm f/1.8? Kinda curious about it, since it has that 17mm focal length, MF clutch especially and compact size. Didn't really consider it before, but now we have sensor stabilization on the Panasonics, it might be quite dope. Aside from the build quality and the sub-f/1.8 light gathering capability, think it might be a cheapo Nokton 17.5mm for us that like the focal length and MF.
  8. - hum, EOSHD glitched there for like half an hour -
  9. I have. Looked at them way back when for to get the Bourne lenses cinemodded. Actually those get quite the vigourous make-over, so they end up being rather pricey still. Looks pretty legit though. They do the Tokina 11-16mm which I looked at as well. Contax Zeiss too, but be careful, in that case you'll need to supply the lenses to them! I remember them having a YouTube channel, found it: .
  10. I might've come across work of you the other day, Charlie Chicken. I carry that experience with me now. I hold on to it dearly.
  11. MFT mount EVA2 for teh win! I sorta get what they're going for with the EVA1 though, but it's a shame there's no interchangeable sub-$5k MFT mount Panasonic, all-in-one (grip, handle, monitor, XLR, ND, etc) up from the GH-range, that would make all the complicated over-rigging with cages, arms, clamps and cables a thing of the past. More and more, something like the JVC GY-LS300 (especially stuff like a prime zoom function!) gets more interesting... but seems the companies are fishing for the bigger fish in 6499+ waters.
  12. Thought we cleared this up 2 weeks ago already... it's a matter of perspective... actually, more one of wallet and sensible spending. 'Is it worth it?' is so subjective. To the one: yes, to the other: no. There's no definite right or wrong here. Just whatever works for you. Depends what you are looking for. In terms of absolute quality, the Leica 42.5mm f/1.2 probably is the best thing ever to have come from the MFT system. I'd love to see someone denying it's any good. Personally, I have gladly paid the price for the Leica 15mm f/1.7, Olympus 75mm f/1.8 and Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN which are MFT lenses (see? I'm not opposed to that), because at those prices you're actually getting shockingly good value/quality in return. But that 42.5mm f/1.2 by Leica has such a pricetag, that it's just not for everybody. That doesn't mean they don't like it, or that it's not worth it for some... just not to them (made up scenario: would you pay a 80% jump up in price to get 20% better quality? Maybe you would, maybe someone else wouldn't). There's a lot of things you can do with money, so most are probably thinking twice before spending well over a thousand bucks on a single focal length lens (it's great that you are able to do it, doesn't mean others can or should). Instead of shooting the 'wildlife' that visits the garden with the incredible 42.5mm f/1.2, maybe someone would rather settle for the Sigma and buy tickets to fly somewhere for the weekend to change up what's in front of the lens, instead of the lens itself. What ends up being captured ultimately is priceless, that's a combination of light, subject, scenery, composition, timing, etc... the lens is just a supporting actor in the grand scheme of things. So, I wouldn't say adapted lenses are superior to ones that can natively be adapted to the MFT mount... nor have a seen anyone claiming that this is the case period. The Leica 42.5mm f/1.2 is probably the best thing you can throw in front of your GH5 or whatever camera. But... there are certain benefits of adapting off-system lenses. Like: spending less money, maybe leaving more money to buy more lenses, like a set of primes in different focal lengths with matching character. Or trips... or supporting gear, lighting, audio... or just saving up money, because it's a healthy thing to do. Obviously you can use off-system lenses on non-MFT systems. E.g. I have the Nikon D5300 that takes pretty awesome stills, so a lot of my lenses are in Nikon-mount, which probably is the most flexbile mount out there, even allowing Nikon mount lenses to be adapted to Canon mount cameras (or adapters). Plus, most modern lenses need electronic adaptation with Canon lenses for aperture control, when the same lens in Nikon mount allows you to use a mechanical interlink, so a simple ring on the adapter takes care of it. You can boost f/1.2 and f/1.4 lenses beyond what's possible with a native MFT lens too. Of course there's trade-offs, either you don't get any electronic control over aperture, autofocus and stabilization or the implementation is less effective than that with native lenses. The lenses with added adapter are way bulkier, et cetera. But adapting is a dope option to have! Also, I really love APS-C/S35 performance and its look. I think in 2 or 3 years the switch is happening and then all my MFT lenses will be rendered useless. In the ideal world, we'd all have infinite amounts of money and would just get the best in everything. In the real world, we all have different situations, different philosophies, different budgets, different wants, different needs and different possibilities. Some people go to the grocery store and buy the cheapest grinded coffee there is and let their coffeemaker brew 'em a pot. Some buy expensive beans from some ethical natural brand and by hand process the beans and press 'em into a single cup of coffee. And then there's people who go to Starbucks. Hey, in the end, if everyone's enjoying their coffee, it's all good, right?
  13. Yeah, electronic that is. Probably not just some plain warp stabilizer, but perhaps actually a gyro and accelerometers to guide the processing a little better, but yeah, actual sensor stabilization that is not, expect some motion artifacts and such. Agreed with an earlier comment though, I didn't expect physical sensor stabilization either and do agree that it's not a must in these type of cameras. Exciting camera though. I was indeed hoping for GH-users to get a natural upgrade path type of camera and indeed, this at sub-$5k with 'shittier' tech and MFT mount sounds amazeballs. Yeah, poor JVC. Basically giving you all that and getting no love... tough crowd we must be to them! But yeah, this does sound like an ARRI Alexa Mini for the less fortunate. Super dope! 43rumors mentioned some specs earlier and a pricetag of 6499. If that's true, then it's still super exciting... tho entering the segment where Canon, Sony and Blackmagic are already well established, might be tough to break into.
  14. 800 would be the Blackmagic Pocket.
  15. ! As legally Austria's a bit of a bitch for aerial platform flying I am expecting one of these to arrive in the near future though: .