EOSHD is the filmmaking blog of Andrew Reid.

A British filmmaker from Manchester, he currently resides in Berlin.

As well as a resource for DSLR video cameras, EOSHD is a platform that allows me to showcase my work and explore filmmaking technology. On this blog I share my creative and technical knowledge as I shoot. One of the guiding principals of EOSHD is that nobody should be blocked from practicing their art and executing their talent as a cinematographer or filmmaker due to the cost of equipment. DSLRs are a prime example of what’s so great about accessible filmmaking equipment. Yes, I do also cover the high end too – but the main aim of EOSHD is to cater for users of consumer & prosumer DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Cinematography style

I prefer a locked down, slower paced camera-work, involving anamorphic lenses and other optics to produce more abstract looking images from otherwise ‘normal’ scenes. My influences are Kubrick, Tarkovsky and PT Anderson but mainly I find cinematography to be an instinctual process based on emotional sensitivity to images and sound, especially since music videos are a large amount of my current work.

I hope you enjoy the blog!