There is quite possibly just one company in the world giving 100% of its sales to support Japan right now. They are Hot Rod Cameras whose PL mount adapters were used on the set of Red Tails.

Whatever you order from Hot Rod Camera this weekend all the proceeds will go to help the victims of the Japanese earthquake – and I do mean ALL of it! That’s the entire cost of the items – so this weekend, Hot Rod Cameras is operating at a loss just to help Japan.

So follow this link and see if anything catches your attention. The Cineroid EVF in particular is a great buy at $699

Cineroid are on the ball at the moment and keep evolving their range so you are in good hands. At NAB they showed a remote attachment for their next gen EVF to trigger magnification – a much needed feature which I believe is unique to that product at the moment.

Philip Bloom is also having an on-going give-away to support Japan – you can donate and no matter how little be in with a chance to win some DSLR gear. Visit it here and donate!

It’s an unprecedented natural disaster certainly in my lifetime and having spent a lot of time in Taiwan where my girlfriend lives, I have quite literally fallen in love with Asia and it is heartbreaking to see this happen to Japan.

We owe the whole DSLR scene to the people of Japan after all they created the technology!

Check out what Cineroid have in store next for their EVF line…

[vimeo]22486182[/vimeo] Video from Dan Chung