Quality follow focus just became affordable

JIN Finance Follow Focus

Value for money follow focus for $142!! Aluminium construction.
Buy it now

Look carefully at the design of this – it’s brilliant for the price.

They say that good design costs nothing, but manufacturing and tooling certainly does. Here, the manufacturers of this follow focus, JIN Finance are at an advantage. You probably already have a JIN Finance product because they were the original builders of aluminium lens adapters for Micro Four Thirds. Everything from Canon FD to Contax Zeiss they made and sold since before the GH1 was released, and I still use their adapters today. They haven’t worn out!

JIN have invested that money and are now building DSLR video accessories.

Due to the affordability of manufacturing and tooling in China, this follow focus is a bargain. Where China hasn’t yet been a threat to America is in the design department. But this one has got it right, not just in materials but form and function…

  • Support for industry standard 15mm rails
  • Gear driven for accuracy
  • Aluminium construction, no plastic, rubber grip on focus wheel
  • Locking system and adjustable plate
  • 52mm to 82mm lens barrel compliance


Had this concept of follow focus been designed and made in America it would retail at 6-7x this price. I have seen tooling done at ReWo in Germany on the GH2 cage and it is not easy to do. The CNC machining is complex and expensive, the machines are massive investments. But as the West (and Japan) did 30 years ago Chinese industry is finally tooling up for quality and in a significant way.

Yes this is a cheap follow focus but it is properly designed and built. It’s a deftly simple concept that really appeals and I am buying one.

Already they have sold 100+ so it is clearly popular.

Thanks to Vitaliy Kiselev, the GH2 hacker for recommending this here at Personal-View.com