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New iPhone 6S camera shoots and edits 4K video

Andrew Reid

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Kudos to Apple for making it 12mpx since a 16:9 crop makes it 8mpx. No downsampling reduces the load on the CPU and the heat can be managed more easily.

4K on a mobile phone sensor means that the downscaled 1080p will be more than decent, so rejoice! Stop the 4K hate.


Its a 4k camera that you can take anywhere and not draw any attention. Sure, the next Avengers movie won't be shot on one, but you can grab shots anytime with a 4k phone. I shot some sports and doc stuff I'm still really happy with on a Sony PD150 and a Canon XL1 - that's SD and its interlaced. With a small gimbal, the Rode mic and a few high bitrate apps you can shoot something better looking than what many were using less than 10 years ago - on a $400 phone. 

Awesome times.

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Well, technically it's UHD, not 4K, but what's in a name.

I love the attention to detail Apple puts in to deliver top quality images from a cellphone.
Both on the hardware and on the software side. "It just works"
I got a Sony Xperia Z3c this year and even though on paper it looked amazing, I still prefer the colour and look from my old iPhone 5.


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They're still too expensive IMO. Here in Australia, the 128gb model is $1529. That would buy a Sony RX100 mkIV with a 128gb card, extra batteries, accessories, and you'd still have money left over. No matter how good the 4K is on the iphone, it's still going to fall apart in low light with the small sensor. Even most Youtubers avoid them in favour of dedicated cameras.

Or for that same price, you could buy a 256gb i5 Surface Pro 3, which has a decent enough camera that you could shoot photos with and edit directly in Photoshop CC, rather than using a phone app. 1080P video too and the ability to use proper video editing, compositing and colour grading programs. That's if you want to be one of those guys who shoot with a tablet.

I'm looking forward to the next Lumia though. With Windows 10 and universal apps, you'll be able to hook it up to a keyboard, monitor & mouse, and use it as an actual PC. Should be a lot cheaper than any iPhone. The current models already shoot good 4K, which I used for a music video once. Only issue is the auto exposure.

By the way, the vertical shooting on iPhones is for those apps like Snapchat and Beme. A complete waste of Apple's imaging technology.


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