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Firmware updates could become subscription model?

Andrew Reid

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The subscription model is the ultimate suck of suck and yet it continues to spread like a virus.

It's not hard for me to imagine, it's now a classic for the products of our photographer cousins. Adobe is absolute evil.
GoPro is very close to it and I would not be surprised if this model is proposed as a complement to smartphones and computational photography that will probably rely more and more on A.I.
Until the A.I. bubble bursts there will be money to pay for power to the huge datacenters, after which users will have to pay for their own little games.



How much does a little "free" game like Insta Ace Pro's WARP AI cost in energy terms?



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This strategy might've worked at the onset of the DSLR revolution when there was still a lot of room for cam improvement around essential features. But given where we're at with cam tech and needing for very little to tell a fantastic story - that is no longer the case. Right now, we actually seem to be arriving at a point where AI will disrupt our dependency - not just on using cameras to capture the world - but on the idea that we ALWAYS need cams/audio devices to tell visual/auditory stories that can 'authentically' capture our real world. That last part to me is one of the big things being blurred/contested. Either way, if you play it out, this particular type of subscription-based strategy will likely only work/make sense for large media companies, who for legal/tax reasons, do not buy gear from the used market.

As someone who works for a large media corporation, what I am seeing/hearing first/second hand, is an increased interest in PTZ cams, along with AI apps that can cover multi-cam switching duties (a quick google search showed me one by CognitiveMill). In that case I can definitely see the subscription model working, bcuz PTZ's (from what I can tell) require no camera people per se - moreso tech support people who make sure these PTZ's are ready to go for any given multi-platform show, on any given day, and are on standby to troubleshoot any daily issues that come up. So in a case like that I definitely see the subscription model working - albeit at the expense of the loss/shrinking of jobs/shifts for camera people, etc. 

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