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Canon RF 24-105 2.8 IS with optional power zoom


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This lens seems very interesting for videographers and event photographers. It is similar in size as the EF 70-200 2.8 and a tad lighter, for people used to shoot with an EF 70-200 2.8 it will feel the same. Sharpness from the MTF charts looks a tiny bit better than the RF 24-70 2.8.

The power zoom, and I would say finally Canon did it on a FF lens, is a great addition and I wish other lenses would have had it already too. The only thing that does not make sense is the price of the power zoom accessory.... way too much. The fact that is not an internal power zoom (like the Sony 28-135 F4) is imo good as for photo and quick zooming the manual zoom will have the normal feeling and speed. 



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2 hours ago, gt3rs said:

The only thing that does not make sense is the price of the power zoom accessory.... way too much.

I mentioned in another thread about the PZ-E1 adapter they previously did for the EF-S 18-135mm.

It doesn't look too dissimilar so I'm struggling to see how its gone from $150 to $1000 in six years.

If they get it supported in future lenses then that would soften the blow spreading that cost over a few different ones but I'd be cautious because they never did add support for the PZ-E1 beyond that initial lens.


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Love it. Not interested at all in the power zoom thingy but straight to the top of my list as a lens.

It replaces the Tamron 35-150 for me for one single reason above all else. Two reasons actually; constant aperture and internal zoom.

But of course it’s about the entire system and as things stand, none of it matches up for me…

Until now.

R3 + this lens is a near dream combo for me for photo and stills.

Only two issues for me. Well not issues as such but ‘wishes that cannot be granted at this time’ and these are:

A. I wish the combo was lighter than 2.3kg, but as someone who has been running all year with a 2.8kg set up, a saving of .5kg is actually quite considerable and not in itself a dealbreaker.

B. 24mp. I wish it was more in order to crop much harder than the 105mm. The R5 has the sensor, but less so the body. OK, there is a grip but it’s never the same as a designed built in grip.

It’s a curveball alright because I had already decided some time ago not to continue with L Mount for stills, based on what is currently available re. bodies and lenses and was all set to go Nikon, but now I am questioning that…

2x Nikon bodies + 3 lenses vs R3 + 24-105 ‘one and done’.

Dammit, it’s tempting…


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And...they put up used prices of R3's 😒

A couple of weeks ago on MBP, excellent condition R3, about 3750 euros which was about 1500 less than a Z9 and I thought, 'bargain'.

Today a newsletter from MBP pops into my mailbox highlighting an article on the R3, so looked at that and then used prices and...5k+ for one in excellent condition now.

Just a few days after Canon announced some new lenses...

Cynical, moi?

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2 hours ago, gt3rs said:

5k for a used one is way too much

Tell me about it!

I wasn't going to buy one for definite but have been punting the idea around for a few weeks either purely for stills, purely for video, or for hybrid.

I had decided on a mix of Lumix for video and Nikon for stills but then Canon curve balled this lens which made a compelling alternative matched with an R3 as above; 2 Nikon bodies + 3 lenses vs 1 of each with Canon, albeit a single bigger and heavier unit, but not outrageously so.

But then I had a word with myself (around 7k to buy a used R3 and this lens) and like the Nikon approach very much for photo, so I looked at the Canon 'one & done' approach for video instead of 2 Lumix bodies and 2 lenses and that had a lot of appeal.

A lot of appeal until I saw that MBP had hiked the used market up on these bodies by over 1k in a matter of weeks which makes it an 8k+ kind of price which is a bit nuts.

Next time I spot a bargain, I think I'll just go grab it even if it means selling it on at a profit to someone else because I've seen a few of these things now. Happened with Z9's that were mid 4.5k, but they are all well above 5 to 5.5k now.

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