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Sony A7s - Clear Image Zoom


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Anyone been using this feature? I have never heard it mentioned on any of the forums and video reviews.

I was playing around with my C settings yesterday and was struggling to think what to put on C3 (hoping to put FF to APS-C on, to no avail). I then stumbled upon the clear image zoom mode.

From all my tests, it seems it is a moveable sensor crop mode that downscales to produce very nice 1080p. It even works in APS-C mode, giving a crop factor of 3X (from FF), with little loss of quality. 1st, set Zoom to Clear Image Zoom, then set "Zoom" onto a function button and use the left and right buttons to zoom in and out... You can even have a really nice, smooth zoom from 1X to 2X by holding the right button.

Apologies if this is already well known, but I found it a really cool, interesting feature. It is like having 15 extra crop modes and a rocker zoom!

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Yup I've found the clear zoom feature to be absolutely perfect. Really impressive how the camera downscales different sensor windows incrimentaly while still giving consistent quality, it even works as a zoom rocker whilst recording, in realtime. The only sensor I've seen doing this imprressive sampling of different windows was on the Cannon 600D. 

So yes, great point to show, and most a7s users are unaware that they have a perfect s16 compatible 1080p camera, and don't know they can go in much farther than jusr turning to APS-C, you can ALOT more without loss in quality, right down to just the center s16-ish window,  

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can someone explain this CIZ feature to me like I'm 5 

​I don't think there is a definitive answer to what is happening.

But from what I could tell in my tests, it is alot like the crop feature on the GH series. The difference being that you can crop in incremental steps, rather than just one crop mode.

For instance (and again, this is guess work).

1X is taking the 4K sensor and downsampling to 1080p

1.1X is taking a 3.6K sensor crop and downsampling to 1080p

1.2X is taking a 3.2K sensor crop and downsampling to 1080p

etc etc

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With the A7 series cameras you can have it set to use on the fly.

I use the down button of the four way buttons set to it.

It is basically just a virtually lossless variable digital zoom.

You could set the down button to full digital zoom to and it would be the same as clear zoom up to 2x and above that is regarded as digital zoom.

Some people think the two (IE digital zoom up to 2x and clear zoom which is only up to 2x) are different but I cant see how.

In any event, it is sometimes useful in allowing APSC lenses to be used in FF mode.    Depending on the lens, you might need between 1.2x and 1.4x zoom to get rid of vignetting.

One thing to note if doing this is that stabilization doesn't work while using it.

Having it set to use on the fly also means you can (with great care) use a fast prime as a short zoom.    IE zoom a 85 1.2 in and out.

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