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The Panasonic GH3 - product suggestions for Panasonic

Andrew Reid

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Above: myself shooting with an anamorphic LOMO on the GH2

I’ve already fired off my suggestions for the GH3 to one of my most helpful friends in the industry. Thanks a great deal. Now you can see the suggestions to in this open letter to Panasonic. I’ve listed the requests in order of priority. Yes I’d really like to see that Canon G1X style built in ND filter.

[url="http://www.eoshd.com/content/8248/the-panasonic-gh3-product-suggestions-for-panasonic/"]Read full article[/url]

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one feature for photo and video:
Tethered shooting

Why do I have to run about collecting SD-cards from multiple cameras when I do photo or video in a studio-setup?

As far as the battery grip goes the GH2 was a step back from the GH1. :/
I modified existing battery grips to use them with the GH1 but with the higher voltage needed in the GH2 this was no longer an option. (no step-up-converters to overcome this)
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Well panasonic should consider this:

They were so far off my radar before i started reading about the GH2 they may as well have been zenit.
In fact the whole 4/3rds system was of zero interest to me.  Now I find myself recommending it to friends and students. 

So pander to the niche, please pansonic: you may not sell lots of them, but you cant underestimate the effect that the positive press from the pros is having on your brand.
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EOSHD Congratulations on the excellent work. My needs are very similar to yours and I am willing to buy a GH3 since it brings a real improvement over GH2, otherwise I'm not interested in any other camera at this time.
But why not raw? I believe that even the iPhone will be raw in no time.
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I would like to add another feature to your list. Maybe its not a new feature, rather the lack of one.

If you plug a HDMI cable into the GH2 it turns off focus assist and the tele ex mode.

I'm guessing they didn't get around to making it work before they shipped the GH2 because I can see no reason it shouldn't work.

So I'm very much hoping they keep the tele ex mode and the focus assist working even if you plug in the HDMI to the GH3.

I would appreciate it if you could pass on this request to your helpful source. I've sent an email to Panasonic but I'm sure in this case its who you know.
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Similar design to GH2? holy crap, the one thing that kills the GH2 as a serious camera is that fake pentaprism bump. Looks like a toy DSLR,  NEX7 / Fuji X-Pro1 are the way to go.
Also, Everybody HATES that AVCHD directory crap, just give us 1080p video files as QuickTime straight into the DCMI folder.
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I would really like them to address the strobing issue in 24P.
Global Shutter probably would have done it, but it looks like that wont be happening...unfortunately.
I know most digital cameras strobe and stutter somewhat with panning and camera movement in 24P (even the Reds).
But the GH2 has it a bit too much..(to say the least), just make it a bit less, that would do.

I would really like (As I think Andrew may have suggested) to see the highlight blowouts addressed.
A built in ND would probably help this...and more DR.
And...Dont make it Smaller...what is it about the Japs?
I hate everything being smaller all the time...uuuggghh!! Does everything have to look like a friggin I Phone.
Small is not always beautiful...some of us like a little bit of chunk in a Camera body :LOL!!
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I'm really hoping Panasonic can implement this list, however I'm not holding my breath.  Their track record indicates that the do very small incremental updates, as evident by the numerous GF, GX, and G iterations.  I'm expecting a 5D mk III level update, but I'd love to be wrong.
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A small bump in DR, a bit better in low-light, and some color profile tweaking, including a flat image setting and I'd be happy.  Color like the OM-D has would be nice and seems very likely.    If they did nothing else other than this, and continued with the GH2's already great capabilities I'd buy one.  Heck I'm buying one no matter what anyway.

Now, to be wishful,

- I'd like a high bitrate setting from the factory.
- 120fps at 720p would be reason enough for some purchases of this already great line of cameras.
- A more rugged design, unlike a mini dslr but more like the lovechild of a Panasonic and a RED.
- Remote control over WI-FI using Android and iPhone, including some sort of follow focus control/Time Lapse settings, etc,...
- That digital level like they have in the GX1 is kinda nice. I'd like that.
- in-Camera Stabilization.  That way my old prime lenses could benefit from it.
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How do you improve a little wonder? Cheap, light, customizable. How do you improve without destroying some of the good features?

> ND? Nice. I would add 50 € to have it built-in. If not, I don't know.
> Lighter? Why not? I would pay 100 € more (I also have an MTB that weighs only 9 kg, it's great!).
> Smaller? No way. If it got smaller, considerably, I won't buy it at all.
> Weather proof? 50 €. If it will be as sturdy as (as Letus used to say) "milled from one solid block of aluminium", 100 €.
> HDMI out whilst using EX Tele? Daniel, you are right! It's a bug that needs to be fixed. Should'nt be charged extra.
> Earphone jack? 50 €.
> Bigger LCD? Okay. It's already announced to have better resolution. Not willing to pay extra.
> Peaking? Pulling life focus through the EVF has become so intuitive for me, I don't need colored peaking (though I wrote to Panasonic and asked for it last autumn. They answered! They said, perhaps with the FW-update. So it must be simple. But, as you know, they didn't implement it).
>AVC Intra 10bit? I (and everybody else in their right mind) would pay [i]at least[/i] 500 € more. It would be easy for Panasonic, because they developed the codec, and it's the coolest codec ever. BUT: For once I subscribe to the conspiracy theory, that the industry cripples their products intentionally the better not to lose the pro market.
>1080 50/60p? 100 €.
> Global shutter? 200 €.

If you sum up all the things I would pay for extra, you get into another price class. If most of it was done in a new GH3 for below 1100 €, it would be just too good to be true. Literally.
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[quote]Vari-ND filters are also a real pain[/quote]

A lot of people seems to like them, just interested in why you dont?

[i]OFF: My suggestion to any consumer/ish/ camera gear manufacturer, to make a quality yet affordable anamorphic front lens around ~$1500. Between the Cinemorph/Sankor/LA7200 and the used Iscorama's. Please.[/i]
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Colour posterization fix.


MUCH less rolling shutter (perhaps global shutter?)

Better colour accuracy on the screen (it's currently terrible).

High quality, high bitrate codec.

Lots of colour controls. Come on, allow us to tweak the colours a LOT, from low contrast to high contrast, colourful to black and white... RGB curves would be extremely exciting! Colour grading in camera! :D

Built in bluetooth to enable remote shooting, monitoring, file transfer, focusing etc... anything to increase functionality basically. Maybe use the USB interface for that too - would be useful for people who do stop motion to be able to capture an image via their computer and adjust focus etc.

All of this isn't too much dreaming :) hopefully Panasonic can come up with something really awesome, so that people will still buy it over the still stunning GH2 xD
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[quote author=Chris Santucci link=topic=865.msg6291#msg6291 date=1340155802]
Sure needs a lot of improvements for a camera that supposedly better than the 5D  :P
[/quote]Well the 5D has almost none of those improvements listed either..
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[quote author=Chris Santucci link=topic=865.msg6291#msg6291 date=1340155802]
Sure needs a lot of improvements for a camera that supposedly better than the 5D  :P

My list for the 5D is much longer.  ;D
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I'm not keen to see a GH3 smaller than the GH2. The size and weight are just fine. For many reasons there seems to be a never ending trend to miniturize, however my hands are staying the same size.
If they leave out EX Tele Conv then I won't even consider it. I find it one of the most unique and powerful tools that a small sensor camera offers.
Highlight clipping is a big deal for me. Time to fix that.
Most likely to see-
Improved LCD - but not essential.
Improved Viewfinder - although it's already pretty good.
25p - they learned that lesson already.
Better low light ability in both video and stills.
Better build quality.
Most likely we won't see-
Anything but the AVCHD codec
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