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    To my knowledge it shouldn't make a difference when conforming to 24p so might as well go with 60 to get the extra 10 frames per second, might not sound much but it's quite a bit when you think it's ending up at 24.
  2. Agree with Johnny, it's more that Panasonic didn't push the hardware because it wasn't necessary, it's designed and marketed as a regular shooter, average consumers wouldn't tell the difference and wouldn't want files taking up the earth in storage space. Even the unhacked 25mb/s look great. Makes sense for Panasonic to leave it there for practicality & reliability reasons for the average consumer.
  3. [quote author=Chris Santucci link=topic=865.msg6291#msg6291 date=1340155802] Sure needs a lot of improvements for a camera that supposedly better than the 5D  :P [/quote]Well the 5D has almost none of those improvements listed either..
  4. I read that Panasonic have already said global shutter won't happen in GH3, not sure where now though.
  5. [quote author=richg101 link=topic=853.msg6232#msg6232 date=1340038718] [quote author=evil_thought2 link=topic=853.msg6223#msg6223 date=1340025246] richg .. grow up. If you like to do something useful with your time, why are you on this forum? I gave reasons why GH2 is I. You didn't [/quote] I'm not the loser sitting in front of a monitor all day freeze framing the shootout like its some type of challenge.  What are you gaining from all this nonsense?    You need to grow up.  I'm on here for entertainment while I wait for an export to finish on the other computer.  You are here in between your silly little quest, eating and looking at naked ladies online..  Stop spamming the thread with your rubbishy unsubstantiated trainspotting. [/quote]No point either of you arguing, not going to change anything and it's no big deal. Chill.
  6. Thanks for all your advices guys, all seems great. 24mm Canon fd seems good, will certainly look at those adapters too. Can you get decent EF adapters?
  7. [quote author=Mirrorkisser link=topic=842.msg6221#msg6221 date=1340024328] the lumix 14mm f2.5 is a very cheap and solid choice for a wide lens. You can get it on ebay for around 160 dollars. and there are superb 12 mm solutions for micro four thirds. [/quote]Thanks! Does look like a good wide lens for a good price, shame it doesnt have focus markings on it but otherwise definitely seems like a possible purchase. The crop factor was something that worried me with the GH2 but it's good to see wide angle lenses that are cheap and high quality for it making it less of a problem. 28mm as the 35mm equiv isn't too bad, can probably live with that. Haven't looked into adaptor mount lenses too much yet but even the Olympus 8-16mm or Lumix 7-14mm seem good (if only f4 and bit pricey). Surprises me that barrel distortion isn't that much of a problem it seems at wide angles for micro 4/3s.
  8. Thank you all, I'll spend much of this week doing some research and I expect I'll go for it.
  9. [quote author=Mirrorkisser link=topic=842.msg6194#msg6194 date=1339968229] I was in a similar situation one month ago. I bought the GH2, with the hack it will be a great camera for years to come. You can still upgrade in 3-4 years and even then the GH2 will be a great "b" camera. No one knows what the gh3 will bring (for example the new canon 650d is not really a serious step forward). And there is always a new generation around the corner. On the other hand, you still have the 60d and can use that until september or october. [/quote]Yeah! Difficult choice, I think I'll probably end up waiting, in any case GH2 will at least be cheaper if 3 isn't worth it, but Panasonics commitment to GH3's video is really promising. Just hope price isnt too much more as Id like to have enough for some more lenses/grip equipment.
  10. Personally really enjoyed the video, very different from their last shoot out but still good. I agree with all comments about testing, probably more based on the person than the camera, but its still interesting. I really couldnt set them apart to say what I thought was what, most of them were on a similar par from the 720 version, strange how you can't watch it on Vimeo yet alone download it. I did list my favourites as B, F & H, with C and G behind them though so looking forward to seeing the results. Think its a real testament to how camera technology is evolving and how price brackets are converging now. I did really want to see the GH2 put the tests the cameras had last time though.
  11. Andrew? Sorry to ask just really can't make a decision, would like some input from someone who truly knows the budget market inside out.
  12. [quote author=Andrew Reid link=topic=842.msg6076#msg6076 date=1339689744] The NEX lens range is pretty limiting from Sony. But the adaptable lenses are fantastic on the NEX 7 - you have virtually everything to choose from that you do on the GH2 (apart from the Voigtlander Nokton and Micro Four Thirds range). [/quote]Ah okay, still, the GH2 appears the better camera with the hack and form factor. Could I ask what you would do if you had a 60D and limited budget at the moment Andrew? Sell for GH2 or wait for GH3 or other?
  13. Thanks for the reply, the GH2 seems a much better choice over the NEX7 to me, what exactly do you mean by 'secure'? Yeah okay, I'd certainly like to wait at least until the GH3 (rumoured for August time right?).
  14. Hi all, just signed up to forum but been reading the site for a long time now, thanks Andrew! So I'm a student on a very tight budget and currently own a 60D which I've had for a year or so. Liked it at first but I'm becoming very reluctant to fork out money on EF lenses when Canon don't seem to be upping their game at all.. So with the GH2 knocking APS-C Canons out the park in most aspects I'm tempted to jump ship, my questions really are: - Is there much else around to consider/on the way? Whats the latest on the rumour mill for the GH3? From what I can tell the GH2 is still pretty clearly on top video wise at this price point and will remain up there for the foreseeable future but I really want to double check before shelling out what's a lot of money for me.n - Going to have a play with one soon as I can, mostly for stills mode (can't really get an opinion of video without the hack, will check for controls though), but how does it fair up for stills? I expect it to be worse than the 60D but is it still 'good'? - Lens wise, what is the best/most common option? Get an adaptor for PL/M42 lenses? Anything else to consider? Thanks a bunch in advance for any comments!
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