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  1. Look harder and you may find. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-Magic-Pocket-Cinema-Camera-BMPCC/333199627118?hash=item4d943ed36e:g:2YQAAOSwWypc3jec
  2. OK< can I put that on a drone?
  3. Price announced: $1200 with lens, grip and EVF. Ouch. http://www.amazon.com/Nikon-DF-N1000-Electronic-Viewfinder-GR-N1010/dp/B00IYP9MQ6/
  4. It would have been fantastic if Nikon had decided to make a real video camera out of the the V3, let's be honest, they have nothing to lose. They could have kept the v2 sensor and made it a 4K RAW/`Prores, BMPCC killer, had they wanted. Nice design though.
  5. Using the Zeiss Otus might explain some of the look it has.
  6. That map is misleading, Brazil an Argentina use a PAL subcarrier over a NTSC frame size and frame rate. The thing is, enough of making cameras that are not world video capable, just like DVD regions, it is a fail. Well done to Sony and more recently the Panasonic GH4. T
  7. Yes, Panasonic missed an opportunity to make a trully Video camera. A GH4 with a "Video" sensor like the one from the FS100 would be amazing. And those 2 enormous useless knobs? shutter speed and ISO like the Fuji XT1 would be so much more useful. T
  8. I wish Fujifilm would name itself Fuji once and for all. I love the Speed dial on top and aperture on the lens, like a real Manual Camera should.
  9. Have you tried formatting the card as Apple Extended see if it still breaks long clips apart?
  10. It is all to do with old notions of maximising profits. Why Japanese manufacturers still make different cameras for NTSC / PAL markets? And why are they so stingy to pay the €5 European Camcorder tax? ( for cameras that record longer than 30 minutes.) It is so silly. As Steve Jobs said (and Kodak proved him right ) If you don't cannibalise your sales, someone else will.
  11. Great article, thanks. It is a great time for indie film-maker though. The comics franchises will get tired soon, so people will want to see something "different" like real stories, like... Greek and Brazilian cinema, because they are FRESH. That said it is not only Holliwood, all corporations expect exponential growth, this is not sustainable.
  12. A good time to discount the GH2 guide. I advise people to get it, but they are put off by the price.
  13. I does have Focus Peaking!!! I wonder if it is better than the GH2 for video, the new processor should be able to better 28Mbps. It has a 3.5mm Mic input but appears not to have headphones.  
  14. Who is the supplier to the BlackMagic Pocket Camera?
  15. The 4K S35 camera is insane, but somehow I am more excited about the S16 pocket camera. YEAH!!! I can see Canon etc revising their prices...
  16. Canon may not use it in their Cine cameras. but an independent manufacturer might. Hello, BlackMagic Design Cine Camera 2.
  17. Oh yes, serious Photojournalists will enjoy the capacity to do video -as well- as stills if the quality is "good enough", by if the Leica M turns out to be a video beast, them many more people will flock to it. >>As impressive as the video might potentially be on the Leica M, I'm not sure what person would plunk down €6200 specifically to shoot video with it.
  18. Nice one Leica, this is how Hybrid cameras should be. Thanks for the interview.
  19. The design of the L1 is so much better. Someone please kill the fake pentaprism bump.
  20. No-one is complaining about the sensor's size, that is fine, but they should offer the camera with the canon EOS_M mount so we can use PL / C / Leica / Contax G / Canon FD lenses. ( and proper wide angle ) looking at how the mount fits the camera it seems feasible.
  21. People will soon realize that the best way to edit BMD camera is using Resolve, and Resolve is becoming more like a NLE / grading tool.
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