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  1. It is a work in progress but Canon got the basics spot on. It is better to start with the cheaper model and grow from there. APS-C is obvious choice, bundling with a pancake rather than a dark zoom for instant gratification. No AVDHD movie wrapping, YES!!! Standard hot shoe mount ( unlike Sony ), even the main switch photo/video, perfect. Lert's just hope the video quality is adequate and more models will be added soon.
  2. tttulio

    4K for $1k

    Great, I wish BlackMagic design would follow it with a Thunderbolt version attached to a MacBook Retina.
  3. Similar design to GH2? holy crap, the one thing that kills the GH2 as a serious camera is that fake pentaprism bump. Looks like a toy DSLR,  NEX7 / Fuji X-Pro1 are the way to go. Also, Everybody HATES that AVCHD directory crap, just give us 1080p video files as QuickTime straight into the DCMI folder.
  4. Nice lens, but too pricey. It is unlikely to be the Kit lens for the GH3. More likely to be the Prestige option.
  5. Great, They just finished it and it is now irrelevant as it is missing the BlackMagic Design Camera...
  6. Have you tried using the Panasonic AVCCAM Importer plugin instead of clipwrap ?
  7. For sure BlackMagic done a "Steve Jobs" but they need a version of it with E-Mount. We need wide angle lenses, stop assuming everybody is into Canon.
  8. The question I really wanted to know, is: Any way to change the mount? With a small sensor an Canon EF mount there will never be a wide angle enough. At least a PL, C-mount, or even Sony's E-mount gives you loads more possibilities.
  9. I Love everything except one MAJOR problem. at this size of sensor using EF lenses there will be no wide angle wider than a 40-45mm? that is plain silly. it should allow for C-mounts on a sensor like this.
  10. An upgrade to P2 cards? are they kidding? XQD / Compact Flash / SD.
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