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Take the red pill...


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I recently asked for book recommendations to learn about human vision and was given a link to a free PDF.

It is incredible.

I'm only a quarter of the way through, but I'm absolutely blown away.  The human vision system looks like it was designed by committee and then re-imagined by Dali and Picasso, while on drugs.  It is a wonder we can see anything at all!

Did you know that the rods and cones (which detect light) are BEHIND a bunch of nerves and nerve cells and blood vessels, so the light has to go through a bunch of crap before you even sense it?   

The book is actually a mix of how the human vision system works and also what we have done with the tech to try and align to it, so it's a nice blend of biology and tech.  It's also very readable and tries to be as non-technical as possible.  This is a rare find compared to other books that are hugely tech heavy.

Take the red pill with me...  download it here: https://www.filmlight.ltd.uk/support/documents/colourbook/colourbook.php (download it by clicking on the box next to the file size).

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Finished it.

I'm assuming that everyone else liked the post, saw it was 300 pages, then went back to scrolling social media about new cameras?

It wasn't quite as useful as I was hoping, but then again I had a specific agenda when reading it, so that's my fault not theirs.  Now I have to get back to work and actually test various things.

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