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Cosimo murgolo

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Do you guys with isco ultra-stars and cineluxes get a strange distortion? (uneven at the edges) Which makes pans look kinda weird. I've got both a cinelux and an isco star but both have this problem, which is why I'm sticking to my kowa for now...

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Rich where did that dropbox image come from, you have an FM unit and your not shouting about it? what gives.

ah I get it this is before the FM unit, different setup.


due to funds being tied up in scary optical developments I've yet to be able to put hard cash down on an FM module:(  Based on my experiences, the two optics that make up the fm module variable diopter are very unlikely to cause any degradation to what we're seeing here in my cinelux tests.  even if resolving power were to be degraded by half, the optical path will still deliver resolutions good enough for 4k at f1.4 on full frame.  I donlt think even panavision's modern anamorphics can deliver this level of resolution at such speeds

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Just received the lens but unfortunately I'm at work. I'll do some tests tonight/tomorrow and get something up! Packaged really well. Solid build, slightly metallic focus feel but very solid. All of the grub screws are snug and a hex key is included for the small screws on the barrel. Caps included as well as a silver collar which seems to be for smaller anamorphics. The small grub screws on the barrel itself could be replaced fairly easily with longer, stronger ones for smaller anamorphics. More later.

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Initial mounting was really easy. Included was a small silver aluminum collar. The Hypergonar I own tapers towards the back so as a work around, I focused the anamorphic to infinity, gaffed the collar onto the anamorphic and slid it into the FM lens. Used the included hex key to clamp down on the collar and slid onto my crappy plastic cage. I'll need to figure out a more secure mount with the 1/4" threaded clamp. The weight of the focus module causes it to swing loose. Some pictures:





And a short clip before the batteries died. Jupiter 9 85mm f2 @ f2. Hypergonar Bernoist Berthoit Anamorphic. Full frame on the A7s. Quick Lut thrown on. Exported as 3840 x 1080 ProRes 444.

Download the original for best quality.

Screengrabs from ProRes Master




First impressions:
SHARP! So glad it's so sharp

Focus throw feels huge but it's only the size of the lens. Focusing is really a breeze.
Mounting was easy, easy to adjust anamorphic leveling.
The rear collar could be a bit wider (ie two 1/4" holes) to keep the heavy lens assembly from swaying. Nothing a little rubber can't fix.

More shooting tomorrow!

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Had a feeling it might sway, which is why the lens holder should have some sort of bayonet. Seems to flare quite a bit, even when you where looking at the dog, some stray light causing some artifact, which makes me wonder is it multi-coated.


I imagine the front face is almost flat and will therefore catch the light at certain angles.  Bear in mind the light causing the flare is the only light in the room and that flare wouldnt be very noticeable with more light in the room - i bet he was at 16000iso to bring that flare up!


I'm seeing that nasty distortion from the 3.55:1 aspect ratio the 16:9 sensor is deivering - not as strong as what we'll see form the cinelux, but on pans it seems rather distracting.  I'm dreading this thread as more and more tests show up - it means I'll need to get the mastercard out at this rate! 

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FM lens + ES Cinelux + Olympus 85mm on Full Frame.

Nothing exciting at all here, unedited and boring shots - but only had a spare 10mins to give the FM a quick spin. Tested everything wide open at f.2 on Olympus OM 85mm to see if wide aperture would introduce any fringe or edge nasties when the FM was attached, pleased to confirm that everything looks pretty clean and sharp. ( although .h264 compression for Vimeo has robbed it's true 'wow' sharpness)...so please download/ view 'original' file

Very shallow depth of field when wide open at f.2 (perhaps too shallow for practical use most of the time) and the 2x bokeh when used with 85mm on full frame is pretty darn stretchy. Goes to show that sensible stopping down would make this setup even sharper whilst still maintaining plenty of attractive defocus.

Footage was shot 1600x1200 ML raw on 5Dmk3 in 4:3 aspect, resulting in 3200x1200 8:3 (2.61) unsqueezed.This seems like an ideal aspect to shoot at - as it seems to bypass the edge 'warp' that people have noticed on the ES Cinelux when panning.

Everything is handheld, racking focus by hand also...to prove it can be relatively 'run & gun'.
The near focus abilities are very impressive, with practice it is pretty easy to do a full range rack focus by hand but a focus gear would be of great benefit when using in the real world for narrative work.

So initial quick test is very promising indeed...noticed a very slight 'ghost' or 'glow' to extreme contrast edges, but almost definitely due to being wide open and the taking lens not being 100% light tight or aligned when shimmed against the FM rear.

In general the FM lens seems to take the edge off the cinelux's clinical sharpness somehow, I suspect the fact that the light is now passing through extra glass means a subtle contrast lift and very slight softening to the image - resulting in a more filmic look, whilst still being plenty sharp.

I did notice an unforeseen issue - it is pretty easy to knock the taking lens focus when adjusting aperture on taking lens. A tiny amount is enough to take the 'calibrated' focus from the FM lens - resulting in a non pin sharp result. Think the easiest way to remedy is to tape the taking lens focus in its fixed position with electrical tape when setting up for FM lens.

More proper testing to come, just thought I'd throw this up in case someone was 'on the fence' about how usable the FM lens is when handheld and pushed to f2 on full frame.

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Focus throw test. Of course it's raining today in New Mexico (of all days) so tests will have to happen on the weekend. After cranking the lens down with a flat head, the swaying is gone. Focusing isn't bad at all. 58mm Helios barely vignettes full frame (cropped to 2.66). Cropping to 2.66 helps with the edge distortion as well. The flare in the first video might have come from the slightly dimmed overhead light or my iPhone. Regardless I don't know if it came from the front element or the small space between my anamorphic and prime. In shooting around the house, shooting into direct light seems to cause some softening and glow around light sources, due to the HUGE front element. As mentioned before, it seems this lens is sharp when it counts, but promotes the organic nature of anamorphic. Very satisfied.
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Is it even possible to mount a focus gear on this?  Since it seems the focus element moves so much?  Can this fit a Sankor 16 or B&H Kowa?  I'd hate to have to get a Cinelux even though the results looks so good.  Thanks for all tests guys!

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Cinevate makes a focus gear that might work with this, no follow focus right now to try it with.


RAF Camera also sells some geared rings, but it might behoove Anamorphic Shop *nudge nudge* to manufacture some type of geared sleeve for the textured part of the focus barrel, seeing as the barrel travels so much.

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My iscorama just lost it's value...  goes to show how powerful an 85mm + full frame + 2x ovals + 2.66 :1 is!


If anyone is looking to dump his Iscorama for £200 please let me know!  :P


Haha, anyway, really happy to watch all this great footage. But until I see it working with a follow focus I would be hesitant to pull the trigger.

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Is it even possible to mount a focus gear on this? Since it seems the focus element moves so much? Can this fit a Sankor 16 or B&H Kowa? I'd hate to have to get a Cinelux even though the results looks so good. Thanks for all tests guys!

Yes, I think Anamorphicshop said there is a focus gear in the works next year. I believe the diameter is 88mm (away from FM lens to check at the moment). It will be a relatively wide gear so it it still meshes with a standard drive gear on a follow focus when it travels in and out on the FM. You could also make your own by using two wide focus ties placed side by side...but they won't be seamless and might not allow full range of focus. As mentioned above, RAF camera would make a nice metal gear as a custom job.
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