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Dog Schidt and SLR 1.33 Anamorphot on a7S


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Some various shots using the awesome FF58 and other with a Voigt 50 1.5 (@2.8) together with the SLR Anamorphot.  Yes the low light ability is pretty insane on the camera, I wish I brought my Ninja Blade to record the footage though.  Hard to pack everything while on vacation since, you're supposed to be on vacation lol.  I hope there will be a 4:3 mode for 2X anamorphic on this camera one day...we can wish  :)


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WOW!  I created an account just to comment on this - I've been hunting for footage of this exact combination:  A7S > FF58 > Anamorphot 1.33 to see if it would be the combination I've been hoping for.  Absolutely awesome work!  Were all shots taken with this combination, or are there other things going on as well?  


Thanks again for posting this and great job! 

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Actually the two were never used together, the taking lens for the Anamorphot was the Voight 50, although I have used them together and it's a fantastic combination. I was planning on doing the whole trip with the ff58 but I didn't bring the right adapter ring (!!). You can tell the shots in the opening are with the ff58 since mine has the 1.5x oval aperature...about to order 2x one to use with the Anamorphot that should be fantastic. The a7S in slog is problematic outside with the 3200iso even stopped down I didn't have enough ND so shot the bright exteriors with other profiles and a Tiffen variable ND - which is ok when you need just a little but turned the footage pretty brown. I'll be getting some dedicated irnd filters to also use with my bmpcc

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Did you take a drone with you on vacation or did you rent one there - and which one do you find satisfactory to fly that camera/lens combination? I really like those shots.

Packed my Phantom 2, with the 3axis gimbal and a GoPro Hero3+Black - very small and cheap, gets pretty great shots for what it is  :)  Just have to grade the hell out of the footage


Great work Kaz:)  Love the star flaring of that voigtlander when the torch is in use.  perfect stars

thanks! it's a fun lens, usually the one on my a7 bodies...will be getting a 2x oval ff58 and the wide adapter soon, that will be very interesting

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