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GH4 and Ninja Star/Blade/etc. - Different Colour Settings from Shooter's Guide?


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Long time lurker, first post here. 


I bought the GH4 shooter's guide a couple days ago and it helped me seal the deal on the GH4. I've also got an Atomos Ninja Star handy for 1080p 10-bit 4:2:2 capture.


So, the GH4 just arrived and I've been going through the guide in more detail, along with getting familiar with the camera, and I came across this statement:


Other types of curve can lower contrast by making shadows brighter and highlights darker, but they place greater demands on the 8bit codec, compressing colour and tonality thus making for a less saturated and less realistically coloured image.!



I was wondering, before I get into my own test shots, if the recommendations for Cinelike D/V settings are different when outputting to this recorder than they are in the guide for internal codec use?


I'm particularly curious about the Flat profile and possibly flattening the curves even more - would there be any benefit to doing this with 10-bit colour?


Just curious... I'm still waiting for the right HDMI cable to ship in so can't test it myself yet.

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