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Lets talk Cinelux and Ultra Stars!


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Does it also have this "field curvature" on the vertical axis?


The skyline shot is showing how drastic the difference in squeeze ratio the cinelux has from middle to edge of it's physical limit  any wider taking lens and the edges of the front of the cinelux are visible.  notice the difference in oval bokeh at the edges of the frame.  the point of focus (the aerial on the chimneys) for this shot is approximately 15mtrs away.  



C/Y , ZF/ZE or Otus? Thanks!


trusty old C/Y - west german.  this is however a 'good example'.  I have worked on a lot of these 85mm's and this one has the least fringing wide open of the lot.

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Question for the Cinelux experts: I've recently come across a 2x MC. It's the model with lips, focus knob and lock. The optics looks good, but the focus knob will barely rotate, and I'm unable to get the front  element to budge at all. I fully loosened the lock knob before trying this. Is there anything that can be done here? If only it were stuck at infinity instead of 3 meters!

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Just received Hardcore DNA and i have the cinelux es with focus knob(lips and lock knob removed from previous owner of the anamorphic)...It seems i have to cut the focus knob in order to mount the DNA....Is anyone using similar setup?Do i have to completely cut the focus knob (loosing ability to change focus)?

Also ,how can i assure that cinelux is set at infinity (my taking lens is hellios 44-4 58mm on GH5)


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What you can try is- unscrew the focus mechanism on the side (4 screws), get rid of that two lube or platik knobs and try to get that whole front thing out (focus above infinity). Seems like you have to relube that thing.

After that you can replace the focus screw with a lower profile screw. In most cases, you can focus closer than 3m. Today i got like 1,70. Otherwise there will be bigger operations for closer closer focus.

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