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Sony FX30 released... 26MP S35 / APS-C version of the FX3


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33 minutes ago, kye said:

How well does the AF work with Sony cameras and EF lenses with an adapter?  Is it a problem, or all good?

Difficult to be definitive as there will be variances in camera and lens but, in my experience, EF to E is the most reliable converter type for AF (outside of the native DSLR to Mirrorless adapters from Canon and Nikon obviously).

It also makes a cheaper introduction to first time E mount camera owners coming from an EF based/adapted system.

Outside of AF, the appeal of this for me would be as an intermediate adapter with ND for Y/C, Leica M and Nikon F mounts.


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On 10/18/2022 at 11:29 AM, A_Urquhart said:

Not really sure what the last few pages have been about? Are we trying to justify an APS-C sensor as being good enough for a Netflix or Theatrical release?

Maybe Arri should weigh in here on why they would have spent hundreds of thousands of euro on developing a new S35 camera that is not good enough for the big time. Maybe every rental house I know, that all have ordered and received their new S35 sensor Arri camera could also weigh in here? With so much $$ at stake, you'd think they all would have done some research to learn that nothing less than full frame is really acceptable today. 

If only Arri, the rental houses and top DP's watched YouTube reviewers .....a lot of money could have been saved by not buying or even developing a useless 'crop' sensor camera.  

Hundreds of thousands of euros???

Oh no, I bet ARRI spent tens of millions on development of the new ARRI 35 camera!

22 hours ago, Django said:

What he told me over and over again is it’s harder for him to make film look like film, than make digital look like film.

Wow, digital has become (when done right) "more filmlike" than film itself!


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