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...or perhaps I'm just being a bit stoopid, but hit something I have never come across previously.

Last week, I decided to shoot a couple of jobs back to back on 2 identical cameras.

Nothing odd about that and normally, using a piece of software called Photomechanic, I sort pics (stills) into time order as both cameras are in sync in that regard. Then I just rename them whilst they are in that order and go from there.

But video clips, from 2 different cameras, never tried that before and the best I seem to be able to get is date order?

Well that's useless as it has clips from Set A in time order, but then all the clips from Set B are below in time order, ie, in 2 different blocks...but I want them in the same folder, mixed up into time order.

I use Premiere to edit and can't see an option to display all files in the Media Browser in time order?

Googled it etc but not come up with the answer...

The answer would be appreciated, even if it means sorting the footage in another piece of software prior to Premiere.

But no, I am not ditching Premiere and changing editing software mid-season!

Thanks in advance.

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How/where do I do a batch rename?

In 'File Explorer' (Windows), I can get them in order, but go to rename and it only allows me to individually rename each even if I have the whole lot selected?

I'm missing something here...

It's probably really obvious but like so many really obvious things, not actually that obvious until you know how/where!

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You can use a simple command or script in the Windows command line ("Power Shell?").  There are several different commands/scripts that will instantaneously rename a batch of your files according to their timestamps.  Once you use a shell command/script two or three times, the command line gets fairly easy (although timestamps can require a lot of variables).


Of course, there are GUI apps that can mostly accomplish the same thing.  I don't use your OS, but a quick web search of Windows renamers that can work with timesta revealed Ant Renamer, which is open source.  Bulk Rename Utility also came up in the search.  There were other apps in the search results, as well.  I can't recommend either as I have never tried them, but I tout open source software for security and for cutting edge features.  There were other apps in the search results, as well.


Of course, for proper chronological sorting, the date and time should precede the shot number in the new file name.  It's probably a good idea to retain the original shot number in the name, just in case you need to reference it in the future.


It might also be wise to include the camera "letter" in the name, directly after the date.  So, you would start with with the Camera A files in one directory/folder and Camera B files, in another directory/folder, and then just batch rename the two directories separately, with their corresponding camera letter in the new names.



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