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Android developers here?


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ASUS got a very interesting feature:


Guess what?


Just looking for an Android app able to handle manual exposure going along the fast frame rate of 4K 120fps from ASUS 7 PRO hardware.

As well, disabling the 'Edge Enhancement' feature offering a more cinematic outcome such as FILMiC PRO or Cinema 4K apps for example.

However, there are limitations. Those third parties don't allow any competent 4K slowmotion on ASUS 7 PRO as happens with the proprietary software.

Open Camera is open source.

Some features are available only on a few devices, as they may depend on hardware or camera features, the Android version, etc and definitely not on ASUS 7 PRO, unfortunately.


I wonder if Open Camera app wouldn't be viable to be directly adapted in order to address such needs?


Or what about a new app from scratch?


Is there anyone out there able to develop it in one or another route solution?

I believe there is a huge market just waiting for... Almost every Zenfone 7 PRO user taking advantage of this unique 4K 120fps feature would salute and buy this new arrival, I bet.


Without mention, one of the goodies of this cameraphone, the retractable/flip camera, is only available on the proprietary app. Why not on third parties? Is it feasible?


Any takers?


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51 minutes ago, techie said:

Artificial sharpness is never welcome. Period.

Very true, I'd call it artificial detail to such oversharpening, even though speaking about the same anyway : )

But, while we can overcome that on post, adding blur, it is impossible to handle anything serious without manual exposure.

Let alone flickering among some other unwelcome oddities, really.


In any case, FILMiC PRO has introduced the possibility to disable it, so I believe any third party software can easily get it...


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Never dabbled into this area, but AFAIK the full Camera2 API is almost never fully available in most Android devices. Hence a lot of features are only available for the manufacturer apps.

Filmic Pro found some ways to circunvent it, but some features even them could unlock - they even have a app just to list the features available in your phone.

For exemple, in my Galaxy S9, 4k60 is only available in Samsung's camera app - not even Filmic Pro could past 4k30.

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