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8bit glory in 50p, Summerdays with the legendary Lumix G6


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Hey kids,

my perfect camera would have been a Lumix G6 with a 100mbit codec. I love the HD coming from it. Once graded, it really looks organic to me. Just the shadows become super blocky in low light due to the light codec. Maybe I could get a GH4 for cheap and treat it like my super G6.:) My Lumix S1 is an image powerhouse. But sometimes I dont feel it challenging me but giving away a great image to easily. The G6 always gave me great pleasure in giving me an image I had to work for hard. My dearest camera still. I shot this years ago but still remember the profile settings. Here it goes, natural with contrast 0, sharpness, noise and colour at -2. Graded the heck out of it with crazy curves. Lens was the cheap and awesome Canon 28mm 2.8 and a focal reducer.


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Thank you, Tim! I still love the HD image from the G6, even more the colours I got out of it. If it only had a higher bitrate like 50mbit for 24/25/30p and 100mbit for 50p. GH3 or GH4 would be a great vintage 8bit buy I guess in that regard. @Tim Sewell cheers

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