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ClipToolz COLOR V2.0 out now with de-Noise and Film Grain!

Craig Marshall

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ClipToolz COLOR v2.0 is out now. All the power of Film Convert without the pricetag plus a de-noise feature that you don't get in Resolve Lite! COLOR lets you gererate film grain 'loops' so you can create them in any length, it features a great set of 3D LUTs and very accurate waveform monitor, vectorscope, historgram and RGB Parade. COLOR does not need a high performance GPU CUDA card so works on low spec computers and you can even operate COLOR's control wheels from your iPad! Take a look at RAW and Thumbs too!



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    • By insanedb
      Check out this affordable 4K Film Grain Pack
      Also download free samples here:
    • By jcs
      Using picture profile 7 on the A7S uses Slog2 Gamma and S-Gamut Color Mode. This can result in green/yellow splotches on skintones after converting Slog2 into something that looks close to Rec709. WB settings in camera or after correction in post don't appear to matter: only certain shades of skintones have the color issues. While this can be fixed with qualifier color range correction tools, that's a lot of extra work. I found that changing the Color Mode to Cinema appears to fix the color issue (Pro Color Mode also looks pretty good). It's not clear how this might affect dynamic range (figure primarily related to gamma/luma), as that's a major point of using Slog2, however so far the results look pretty good.
    • By pH0u57
      While filming in Brazil in April (not over 30°C) I noticed that the colour on my BMPCC's buttons was "washing" away while I touched them. I'm NOT using my finger nail here. Does anyone else have that problem or has heared of it?

    • By Jacobsanmartin
      Ok so I've been using cineplus cinema picture style along side ive Lotus picture style both being a Kodak vision2 kind of in camera grade. I usually tweak them a bit in post but for the most part they are very good and quite cheap honestly but that's not what I wanted to talk about. What do you guys think about grading footage to look like 35 or 16mm film? I'm not talking necessarily "the film look" but I mean making footage actually look as if it was shot on film. What techniques do you use? Any type of workflow/grains you recommend? Is it overrated to go for this look and how often do you do this kind of grade?
    • By Tom
      Cheap CFL bulbs are convenient, efficient and economical - but they typically have a lower Colour rendering index compared to Tungsten based lights and other more expensive lighting systems. 

      Just how much of a difference is there? 

      You decide
      (additional images/stills on my website: http://www.tommajerski.com/critest.html )
      Shot on the BMCC 2.5k in Raw mode. Samyang 35mm 1.4 lens with no ND or filters. 

      White balanced perfectly before the same colour grade was applied in Davinci Resolve 10. 

      Debayered to UHD for better youtube viewing quality. For best results, set it to 4k quality and video on a HD monitor.

      White balanced exactly to the same point before applying a simple Contrast + Saturation grade.

      Debayered to 4k for best youtube viewing quality:
      Select 4k Streaming 

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