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New Mac Mini - good enough?

Oliver Daniel

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I purchased a MacBook Pro M1 with only 8gb of ram. All of these reviews are dead on accurate. My older MacBook was really struggling with Lumix S1 and S5 footage in Premiere and not terrible in FCP but not amazing. Now it's amazing in FCP and Premiere is still a little weird so I can wait for a while to see where that goes. It's so stupid fast with 4k 10bit 422. I cut, put together, do grading and it instantly starts playing at full res immediately. I've never seen anything like this but I've also never dished out thousands for a new computer. I am so happy with this machine. 

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10 hours ago, andrgl said:

@Oliver Daniel Please let us know how it goes. I'm going to assume the limited amount of RAM in these first, entry level units, is going to suck for 4K/8K editing. But who knows, for basic edits, FCPX may be able to hold enough footage in RAM to make previewing/scrubbing doable.

Will do.

Comes between Dec 11-18. 

From what Apple and reviewers are saying, the 16GB RAM performs much better as it’s “unified”. I do hope they are right, as I would never buy a machine with 16GB. 

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On 11/17/2020 at 7:14 AM, UncleBobsPhotography said:

I would not buy any Intel based mac at this point, they will probably not be supported for that long, and the advantages of the new M1 just seem to strong for video editing. However, nobody has really tested the new macs either, so its a bit of a gamble to get one this early.

You can wait untill the M1 units have been tested properly, wait untill the second generation ARM based Macs come out, or if you need something now, cross your fingers and order an ARM based MacMini or MacBookPro now. It just depends on how urgently you neee to upgrade.

I am personally planning to wait for second gen ARM based Macs, but I've got a decent desktop PC to do they heavy lifting.


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