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Advice needed on NIKKOR 18-200mm for GH3


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I am hoping to use the GH3 for a run-and-gun doc camera. I would like to use a lens with a long zoom range that also has built in image stabilization.


Does anyone have experience or concerns with DX lenses/Metabones Speed Booster for GH3?


Can I expect stabilization (VR) to function correctly? 

Will I run into vignetting problems? 

I don't use AF for video, but will it function for stills? 

Will the camera control the aperture, or will the dial on the adapter do that?


I'm looking at the Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II


with Metabones Nikon G to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster on the GH3.


My calculations suggest that this should give a GH3 equivalent of 13-143mm with a 1-stop gain. 


Thanks! I have been reading EOSHD for a few months now and find it such a good resource.


PS: Why not use a Panasonic lens?  I have not been happy with panasonic lenses as they seem to have poor behavior when it comes to zooms, which I sometimes want to keep. The 14-140mm has a focus flutter on zooms, and the 12-35mm, which claims a constant aperture of 2.8, actually opens up and closes down in steps while zooming, basically creating an exposure flutter. I have samples on vimeo, but it's down right now. I can post them later if someone wants.

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No, Nikon's stabilisation doesn't work with Metabones speedboosters.


Vignetting I'm not sure about. If there is, there might be a slight bit on the wider end, around 18-20mm but probably not.


Autofocus with Nikons, nope. Aperture is controlled on the speedbooster and you focus manually with the lens.


For stabilisation in lens, for long zoom range for run and gun usage - I'd go with a m4/3 lens.

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