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Fuji X-H2 - They can't decide whether to cancel it... Or?

Andrew Reid

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16 hours ago, pinc pinc said:

The 30min limit is related to some EU law issues. All cameras that shot over 30min are considered camcorders and not cameras. I believe this was already explained somewhere in this forum. 

That ended in 2018. The day that ended the companies should have released firmware to remove this restriction!!



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I don't see anything possibly bad about Fuji doing a cinema camera. Big battery, good codecs, internal RAW, 1000 knit big screen, internal ND's(don't even need to be electronic), good AF(maybe more vi

Weirdly the built in ND on the X100V cannot be enabled during video mode. 4K, but no ND. Getting the basic rights not a strength of the camera companies.

Meanwhile at the Pentax product meeting...

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11 hours ago, IronFilm said:

Tariffs ended yes, but the product categorisation still exists, changing digital stills camera to video camera requires assigning new serial numbers to every unit sold, it's not possible to do this.

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11 hours ago, IronFilm said:

Oh nice! Had no idea. Thanks for clarifying! 

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