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  1. I decided to stick with my S1 instead of upgrading to the S1H or switching over to pocket 6k or zcam f6. The S1 for web delivery is basically identical to the S1H minus the 6k. Again, one has to factor the devices for most people viewing your content. Most dont even have 4k monitors and limited to 1080 on their phones. Second, for paid gig, a Ninja V is almost required anyway for monitoring plus ease of editing of prores /dnx files. The AF is not great, but for its usable for certain shots. The 24-105 kit lens is also the most versatile kit lens with the macro capability and being parfocal. I was thinking of getting the XT4 but as I go back to my f log XT3 files vs vlog S1 files I just get reminded how great the S1 image quality is. I use a black pro mist to soften some of the sharpness
  2. I think Fuji really has a big opportunity here. Here's how I think they can capitalize on this - 4k dci, bonus if it can do 6k - dual native ISO - S1H articulating screen to satisfy all users - pro video assist tools - 422 10 bit (not 420) - FULL SIDE HDMI - native anamorphic support. Full size of the sensor so 4:3
  3. If the specs are for real and it doesnt overheat and rolling shutter is controlled, then I'll sell my S1. Not that I'm not satisfied with Panasonic but their lenses are just too overpriced. Also Sirui has an x mount anamorphic lens which takes away all the hassle with adapters and diopters. Not to mention viltrox is coming out with affordable 1.4 lenses to compete with Fuji.
  4. Will the S1/S1H support be coming soon?
  5. Do you reckon the S1/S1H version will be early next year as well?
  6. Has anyone tried this on the S1 vlog? Wondering if I should wait for that one or the GH5 version is close to optimized with the s1
  7. Sorry I meant to say Varicam LUT. Although Daniel Peters released a rec709 conversion that closely matches the Blackmagic ursa mini pro for that more organic look. Look him up on youtube if you're interested I might actually try it out myself (it's $5 or something for his LUT pack)
  8. Been a week now of doing my own vlog tests. For my kind of work this is all the DR I need. 1 stop over outside and 2 stop over when there's a good mix of shadow and highlight. Also setting my zebras to 95%. I'm actually quite satisfied with the eva1 rec 709 conversion LUT and just grade by look. Compared to XT3 and A7iii this is by far the most flexibility I have in post for color grading. I can push hue and saturation and even add color boost in resolve and I'm not seeing any banding or artifacts. I know RAW is still king but the convenience I'm getting with IBIS and decent AF is making my shooting that much easier. I wish they add more video assist features like false colors and vector scope.
  9. My VLOG key arrived few days ago and been playing around with the exposure. What do you set your zebras up to? I've been using the waveform to expose and I'm still clipping highlights and cant recover in post
  10. I loved the XT3. My only gripe was the lack of IBIS. I've managed to MacGyver my way into fitting the Ronin S on my backpack but unless I shoot higher frame rate and slow it down in post, all 24fps footage are almost unusable with my run and gun style. Even a simple pan reveal shot. I had to part ways with it in favour of S1's better low light, great IBIS, and equally great IQ. I will still use the gimbal for more planned shots. The 4k60 on the XT3 has a slight crop but otherwise it was great IQ. The thing with Fuji was their lenses breathed so heavily and their pricing really did not make sense. For example, my Panasonic 24-105 is only $200 more than the Fuji 16-55. Their not that much different in size and weight, but the Panny has OIS, longer reach, and macro capabilities. I will return to the Fuji once sort out my Panny system though. I would get the XT30 + 35mm 1.4 for street photography but in terms of video I am fully invested in the Panny S series. EDIT: To stay on topic - I am still waiting for my VLOG key in Toronto. I don't understand why they don't just email us the key. It's been 2 weeks now. I mean it was hard getting over the fact that people from Europe was getting the upgrade for free while I had to pay for it, but for it to take this long is just annoying. I would love for @Sage to make a GHA LUT optimized for the S1
  11. Lol have you tried MFing with these cameras? I'm sure whatever camera you own has good MF assist so you def should try. Even with fly by wire lenses it's actually pretty easy and I dont use any fancy focus systems. It's much more reliable to go in and out of focus smoothly with MF and peaking as opposed to AF. In run and gun situation there's just too many things coming in and out of the frame especially in street. That's why I favour the really good IBIS because I can comfortably hold the camera with my right hand and adjust focus with my left and still have stable footage with smooth focus pulls. I'm not Making excuses by the way, but I had the A7iii and XT3 and frankly even with the AF I would still MF when I need reliable focus pulls.
  12. Waiting for my VLOG key to be ordered from the store! I just started playing around with it, and the touch to focus in S-AF is much better for most situations anyway. For normal tracking to / from the camera, as long as your subject is moving normally then the C-AF is fine. These tests on youtube where they run around zig zagging, in and out of the frame, to try and prove a certain brand's superior AF is not practical in real use. I'd much rather take a great IBIS and "bad" AF, over a great AF but unsuable IBIS for my run&gun situation. And yes I do own a Ronin S and no IBIS can replace a gimbal, but mixing street photography and videography is hard to do with a ronin S in your backpack.
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