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For sale, ISCORAMA 2004 nikon mount

Miguel De Olaso Macgregor

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For lack of time to use it I'm considering selling my Iscorama 2004 with nikon mount.

This is a very special lens, nothing to do with the more usual, and often referred as, Iscorama 36. This is what wikipedia says about the iscorama 2004:

Iscorama 2004
The only sealed anamorphic monobloc manufactured from a premium quality prime, the donor lens being the Leica 50mm f/2 Summicron. The Iscorama 2004s were multicoated lenses, and featured a Leica R Mount camera fixing.

So pretty much without any doubts we can say this is among the best if not the best Iscorama anamorphic lens ever produced. And probably the most expensive.
This lens comes with Leica R mount and because I wanted more compatibility I decided to send it to Iscorama/Schneider labs for a mount swap, and now it has a Nikon mount. This conversion was pricey (aprox $800-$1000) but worth it because it can now be used on nikon (and canon EOS) DSLRs. And what's more important, the lens mount has been precisely aligned so that vertical lines are... well, vertical. That means no skew on the image like you often see on videos shot with anamorphic lenses/adapters.

The iscorama 2004 produces a blue lens flare if a strong light is pointed towards the lens, but it's a multicoated lens, which means it will produce sharper and more contrast images than older iscoramas (which tend to be soft).

The condition of this lens is MINT. That means it's in perfect, almost new condition. I'd be happy to return the money to anyone not happy with the condition of the lens.

Not much more I can say about this lens. 




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mr macgregor

 your work is superb :)

the work with the old timer sony sublime your lens fantastic.

but the much quoted isco wiki info guy as they say in england was a wanker that just cut pumped and pasted stuff on the iscorama.


your lens probably is the highest quality iscorama around as long as it still has the leica lens inside.

the last 2 of these i had suffered from poor back optics and skewed cylindricals but yours should be pretty epic having been serviced.

pretty future proof i think resolution wise super tasty optic.

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Yessss... that is the perfect christmas gift for my wife! I'll take it if you deliver it dressed as santa.


Honestely: I nearly can't stand it but unfortunately the weekend cottage needs some repairs, the dishwasher is just broken, the tv behaves strange the Audi asks for inspection, I have two children. I am definitely a very, very lucky man!  :)

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