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Panasonic G9 Becomes GH5, almost.


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3 hours ago, IronFilm said:

From reading reviews, it seems like the G9 is better than the GH5 in these areas:
Better battery life, better autofocus, and better IBIS. 
 Is that true?

The G9 would also be better in some stills areas, such as 20fps burst rate vs 12fps. 
But I don't think the gap is much between them for stills? Especially as the GH5 has got firmware update for stills features such as High Resolution Mode.

Of course the GH5 has the 4K DCI that the G9 lacks, and the G9 lacks the anamorphic shooting options. (and no waveforms either or V-Log without the paid update for the G9)
What else is the G9 missing?

The G9 has no 'All-I' compression modes (in fact nothing above 150 Mbps) but it did gain various 10-bit and 4:2:2 modes in the 2.0 firmware update.

It might be that the GH5 IBIS sensor movement isn't accurate/repeatable enough to do a good 'high res photo' mode - or it's just market segmentation.

If you look closely at the recent firmware updates for the GH5, GH5s and G9, a few changes have been only for the GH5s and G9 (the two more recent cameras) so I assume they have different (probably faster/more powerful) processing electronics than the GH5.

As I don't own a GH5 I can't compare it against the G9, but I don't think you would be disappointed with the G9 - it's in a different league to the G85, GX85 and earlier cameras....

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5 hours ago, ac6000cw said:

....also if you need longer continuous recording (up to 30min) the 1080/60p is excellent quality - much better than the lower-end G-series cameras.

I've used my G9 in the southern California desert sun, recording 4k/50p with no overheating issues or warnings at all.

are there any modes that allow unlimited recording?

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39 minutes ago, Jermaine said:

are there any modes that allow unlimited recording?

No  - that's one of the main differences between the G9 and the GH5.

There is a hack to temporarily remove the limit in this YouTube video -¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qzBWdaY634¬†- but I've not¬†tried it as I've never found the 30 minute video¬†limit a problem (or the 10 minute 4k60p limit). I usually film hand-held, and 10 minutes is a long time to hold a camera still anyway ūüôā

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