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Canon gear advice for pro photographer getting into videography


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Yeah sharpness in 4K is a little overrated imo whereas in 1080p it is sort of essential these days not to have you're footage look like dated 720p.

As we jump to 6K/8K the C200 4K might show signs of wear but that really won't be the case for another couple years before those resolutions become standard..

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On 9/18/2019 at 1:07 AM, EthanAlexander said:

Guy starts thread about gear, ends up being told to slow down

He is a guy who up until a month ago had never even thought about filmmaking.

And he is considering buying a C300mk2?? Or C200, or even C500

When he already owns two very capable DSLRs for filming with. 

Yes, I 100% think it is appropriate to say "whoa man, slow down!" and enjoy what you have at the moment for a while first. 


I think everyone knows I'm a big time gear obsessed nut case, who loves loves obsessing over the latest toys! But even I know when is enough is enough, and maybe you should not be focusing so much "what is my next gear purchase?" (although as I'll be buying a Sound Devices 833 any day now, I know I'm being the biggest hypocrite! "Do what I say, not what I do")


On 9/18/2019 at 2:13 AM, ghostwind said:

For the other things, I don't think it's worth it over the C100MKII. So yeah, I confirmed a lot of what was said or what I thought - the C200 is great, but if you don't plan to shoot mostly in RAW, for me it's not worth 2x+ the cost over the C100MKII

That's good to hear you're leaning towards that camera. 

If 60fps isn't super important to you then keep in mind the original C100mk1 as well, if it has the DPAF upgrade. 

As they go for practically nothing on eBay. Here is one for US$1,299 (or "best offer", so I'm sure you can cheaper! Much much cheaper if you are patient with the right auction instead. Or just get this one from Adorama, which as you know is a big store with a solid reputation behind it):



19 hours ago, ghostwind said:

Anyway, again, this thread has been super helpful and informative, even if we have different opinions. I did learn a lot, and will continue to. Thanks to all, especially @kye, @User, and @IronFilm!


Am glad you've found my posts helpful and thought provoking! :-)
Even if I've been a bit critical at times.... 

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