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need help adapting a helios 44-2 to gh4 with speedbooster


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I am trying to adapt a helios 44-2 58mm to my gh4 and I'd like to do this through a speed booster so I don't have to deal with crop. 

I'm just unsure which speedbooster would do the trick? would the speed booster ultra 0.71x canon ef to micro 4/3 be the way to go?

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6 minutes ago, Cameron said:

would the speed booster ultra 0.71x canon ef to micro 4/3 be the way to go?

Yes, it would.

It's the most versatile one. You can adapt almost every mount to EF (apart from Minolta MD and Canon FD).

Just get a cheap M42 - EF adapter like this: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1415/1308/products/m42-eos-v2-01_800x.jpg?v=1479146995

and you're good to go.


Stacking adapters works pretty well, I do it myself all the time.


However, I'd strongly advise to take a look at Viltrox EF-M2. It's a lot cheaper and still gives perfect image quality. 
I did own it and can confirm it's great.

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2 hours ago, Kisaha said:

So, you guys believe that the Viltrox is similar in quality with the Metabones?

I haven't had any Metabones product in my hands, so I can't really say if offers a similar quality. 

All I can say is: I was extremely happy with the Viltrox. Didn't feel any need to get a branded speedbooster. 

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Ive had both and compared them side by side. The Viltrox is sharper on all apertures accept for wide open, has an adjustable back focus (no tools required) and its like a third of the price.
The only Metabones I would ever buy is the dedicated BMPCC version (which I currently own), used. Otherwise I would go Viltrox (I sold my Metabones XL).

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If you are based in the EU I have an EF-mount Zhong Yi lens turbo II (speed booster clone without electronics) that I could sell for 60€. In any case if you're just planning to use m42-lenses it would be cheapest to use a RJ/Jinfinance or Zhong Yi lens turbo, as you don't need any electronics in there. They are both good, supposedly more or less on par with metabones, just check reviews on the internet. In my experience the various speed boosters all work well on m4/3 as the corners are much better on those sensors than on aps-c. The only one I've tested that has been significantly worse than the others is the Kipon Baveyes.

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I ended up going with the Viltrox EF-M2II with a M42- EF adapter in front of it but I'm having real trouble getting it to work with my helios 44-2?

It doesn't focus any further than 30cm and won't go to infinity, so it is like it is a telephoto lens. I should be able to focus further than that right?

@heart0less you touched on something about infinity focus in your reference images, is this something you know anything about? Any help would be great

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Hmm, then the only other thing that may cause this is your M42 - EF adapter. 

It may be too 'thick' and that's why it's acting like a some kind of a macro ring. 

Nothing else comes to my mind. 

There are no settings that could affect it. 


Is there any chance you could get some native EF glass and mount it to your Viltrox just to see if it's the speedbooster that's faulty or something else? 

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