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Panasonic GF3 hack? (PTool v3.65d GH1 hack)


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Has anyone used this hack with GF3?

Normally I travel with a GH5 and action camera but recently I have been thinking that having a second body (that has the same lens mount) might be useful, both as a backup and also as a second angle for things like time lapses.  If it improves the video quality that would be nice too, but not likely to be used much.  I already own a GF3 and was thinking that it might be a good option and wondered if there was a hack to give it an intervalometer and found the hack.


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Just spent the last hour or two downloading the hack and playing with it, and learned three things:

  • The hack doesn't allow time lapses
  • I can't get the hack to load on the camera, despite about a dozen attempts, reading things across the ptool forums
  • The forums are dead, without any activity in quite some years, so no real support either

I also googled and found that there's no hack for time lapses, but did find a few examples of them from people, and had the thought about taping down the shutter button....   which actually isn't a bad idea lol.

My other option is to buy a m43 camera with time-lapse built-in, but that's money and money spent on photography that isn't spent on lenses is pretty hard to justify when I really want a Laowa 7.5mm f2 and a Samyang 85mm 1.4.   ???

Holding down the shutter button takes one frame about every 3s which is actually a pretty good time-lapse interval, so I think that works for me TBH.

I tried RAW and just JPEG and both were about the same speed, so that's a bit odd but depending on if you want more DR or more files on the card, there are options :) 

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51 minutes ago, billdoubleu said:

There's no way outside of a custom mechanical device or a rubber band wrapped around the shutter release in burst mode or the mini video mode that will allow time lapse on a GF3. I would be elated if there was, as I have one collecting dust in the closet.

What is the mini video mode?

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Get a cheap g7 or gx85. I have the g7 and the 4K is really nice and should match with your gh5 especially if both are in cinelile d. Also they have a great built in intervilometer that works with raw stills and can also compress them into 4K 100mbps 24fps. Both are really cheap

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