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In Need of Cheap-O MBP Charger


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From my experience, the really cheap ones are all as good/shit as each other so my rule of thumb is to get the one with the largest number of positive reviews and the least number of reported fires.

This one fits the bill in that respect.


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The original is... 69 bucks? That ain't too bad. I bought an extra original charger for my ASUS for around 100 (I wanted official and these universal all brand I don't really trust that much).

If I look through all Amazon listings they all sound kinda dodgy. Non of the usual suspects in charging that I know (mostly USB chargers/cables/powerbanks) pop up (with well-recognized stores on AliExpress (and usually on Amazon too): Anker, Blitzwolf, ROCK, UGreen, Vinsic, Baseus, Orico, Tronsmart, Flovme, Mcdodo, WSKEN, USAMS etc). I only see one of the brand 'Rocketek' which I have seen around before and do as well have their own flagship store on AliExpress (which is usually a good indication they're quite legit: https://rocketek.aliexpress.com . The one on Amazon.com however is a 45W version. The one I see on the Amazon.de site is 85W. Can't seem to find it back on AliExpress though... Don't have any Apple products myself. Don't have any experience with Rocketek. So... you're on your own, but atleast some pointers, eh?

Would be careful going brandless/extremely cheap. Same goes for camera batteries. A renowned B or even C-brand without all the premium, sure. An X, Y or Z-brand selling them for peanuts? Eh... might want to skip 'em. I've had bad experiences cheaping out on that kind of stuff. Really... whether it's a laptop or a camera, they're friggin' expensive. I personally don't feel like cheapskating it on powersupply risking it all... (had something similar to the following happen with DSTE batteries for my GH2)


Don't want to get situations like that now... stay safe out there

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