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Canon's upcoming 4K camera


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The medium format megapixel monster that Canon is currently preparing for 2014 release will apparently shoot 4K. CR reports that the camera is currently in testing and that the 4K mode is eating batteries. I assume that is due to massive compression happening inside the camera, so it probably rules out RAW.


It will be expensive, in $6-12k category.


But hey, at least it will ship before BM4K.  :D

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I wish they would make it 6x7. I guess it's time to buy medium format lenses for cheap until the hord comes ^^


Bah, two different cameras:




The Next EOS-1?
We’re told that their is a 44.7mp camera in heavy testing. However, the test cameras are eating batteries when shooting in 4K mode. Development is still continuing on the sensor, batteries and software.

I expect a development announcement for this camera sometime in late 2013 or early 2014.

 Medium Format
Another two people have said Canon will announce a medium format solution for Photokina next September. The big push is towards MF,  but probably won’t see availability until well into 2015.

We’re also told by a second person that such a medium format venture could be a unique arrangement with a current medium format manufacturer. Canon is serious about medium format and will continue to develop a strategy to become the market leader fairly quickly.

A grain of salt on these bits of information, as they’re from unknown sources.



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I can't be the only one who finds this rumour kind of ridiculous!


The idea that they can spec out a camera, build a working prototype and in heavy testing suddenly discover that it 'eats batteries'. Haha that's laughable. The engineers would know the power consumption of the sensor and processor from very early on, way before the testing stages.


Testing is to iron out bugs in firmware and for minor handling / button changes.


Another way to spot a bullshit rumour is when it says there are 'several sensors' being tested. The R&D work required to design and build a sensor is MASSIVE. Does anyone really think Canon or Sony build 3 sensors of widly different specs before testing each one in some bodies which will eventually end up as the same camera? That's a heck of a way to waste money, building major parts you'll never use.


Those who contribute rumours like this don't know anything about how the product development ACTUALLY WORKS.


Maybe Canon does have a medium format camera in development. Everything else is just bull!

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