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Recommendations for a pocket camera


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On 6/29/2019 at 5:32 AM, hijodeibn said:

The other day I was in downtown and somehow I ended up above a truck in the middle of a street festival....and I didn't have any camera with me!...so frustrating, anyway, I need a pocket camera, something for VIDEO that I can carry with me all the time, including of course the zoom, and I can live with it in one of my front pockets, I was thinking in the canon M with ML, then the M50, later the Z6

Good luck carrying an EOS M in your pocket, not even with a pocket pancake prime! (let alone a zoom, ha)

Not happening at all, unless you have BIG POCKETS

Basically no APS-C sized sensor cameras can be carried around with a zoom, but maaaaybe with a pancake lens if you've got a BIG pocket

Really the Sony RX100 series is what makes the most sense for pockets (or similar like a Panasonic LX10/LX15/LX100/TZ100/etc)

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