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Cloud Storage - good solution?


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I was wondering if any of you uses any type of cloud storage to backup important video files in the cloud?

I was using Dropbox but now that I've reached my free gigs limit, I'm not sure I should go for the paid version. 


Especially as I recently discovered Copy, from Barracuda.

They offer 15 Gb for free (+ another 5 Gb if you follow this referral link: https://copy.com?r=yx223v )


I've heard people who referred a lot got up to 1 Tb for free...they say it's a limited time offer, so you might want to hurry.


At the moment, I'm only saving the important files for every project. This is just in case my main backup (on a physical hard drive) fails at some point. You never know, better be careful!


Is anyone else using a similar solution? I'd love to know! Thanks

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

Until you have an internet connection that's at least USB2.0 speed, cloud backup for anything but compressed files isn't viable.  In other words, it's pretty useless for the really important stuff (aside from project files).


I shot footage last week that was edited down to about 3min.  It was 25Gb of Moon Trial 7 takes shot over about an hour.  Uploading to a cloud would be ridiculous.  Likewise, I have multiple copies of the ProRes HQ master for my feature which clocks in at a little over 100Gb for the MOS stream.  Uploading that is unviable.  Not only because of typical upstream internet speeds but because the error correction needed would make available bandwidth even slower.  Days or a week of non-stop uploading...I just don't see it.  Worse yet for the 1+TB of raw "camera negative".


It does make for a convenient method of random-access small file transfer between parties over large distances.  We finished our last feature using DropBox as the link between my brother doing editorial in LA and me doing color + effects in TX, sharing XML and other project files and then me passing proxies and nothing bigger than 2Gb or so back.   It worked because we had identical arrays containing the raw footage.  It wouldn't have worked otherwise. 


The limitations of upstream bandwidth are overcome with networks like Torrent but that's dependent on the upstream source being split across as many individuals as possible and that just isn't possible in the context we're talking about here.

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You may want to test drive for MEGA Pro package, with the following explaination :


MEGA Pro is Cloud Storage with Powerful Always-On Privacy


Get 50 GB for free, or sign up for one of Pro packages and get up to 4 TB of encrypted storage starting at â‚¬

8.33 per month.


The link is : http://bit.ly/1j8MMb1


FREE : Storage 50 GB - Bandwidth Limited : 0.00 euro


MEGA Pro Annually :

Pro I - Storage 500 GB - Bandwidth 12 TB : 99.99 euro

Pro II - Storage 2 TB - Bandwidth 48 TB : 199.99 euro

Pro III - Storage 4 TB - Bandwidth 96 TB : 299.99 euro


MEGA Pro Monthly :

Pro I - Storage 500 GB - Bandwidth 1 TB : 9.99 euro

Pro II - Storage 2 TB - Bandwidth 4 TB : 19.99 euro

Pro III - Storage 4 TB - Bandwidth 8 TB : 29.99 euro


1) End-to-End Encryption : Unlike with other cloud storage providers, your data is encrypted & decrypted during transfer by your client devices only and never by cloud storage provider.


2) Secure Global Access : Your data is accessible any time, from any device, anywhere. Only you control the keys to your files.


3) Secure Collaboration : Share folders with your contacts and see their updates in real time. Online collaboration has never been more private and secure.


4) MEGA Mobile Apps : The cloud in your pocket. Access and stream your files from your smartphone or tablet. Upload and sync your media to the cloud.


5) MEGA Sync Client : Easy automated syncing between your computers and your MEGA cloud drive.


6) MEGA Email and Chat : Their encrypted communication package is coming in early 2014. Get ready for MEGA chat, email, calling & video conferencing.


7) MEGA Browser Apps : Their browser extensions will install MEGA into your browser for faster loading and added resilience against attacks.



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So, you registered to drop your copy referral link twice...


Perhaps people would like to use my referral link instead & get 20GB of free cloud storage https://copy.com?r=7Cadj6  :)


Seriously copy.com is a good solution for modest amounts of cloud storage & 20GB is 10x more than the free allowance on market leader Dropbox. There is no reason not to have both.

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Yes, I have experience with big volume storage providers. If you are looking for expandable storage for your virtual infrastructure you can opt for Free CloudBacko. Free CloudBacko is a worthy cloud storage data backup online plan. CloudBacko is accomplished in combining free cloud storage available from Google Drive, One Drive backup and Drop box into a single large storage. You can store maximum of 100 TB free cloud data storage.


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