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Full frame rival sales figures = grim reading for everyone vs Sony

Andrew Reid

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12 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

What, you think both those cameras just came out 2 months ago? Hell they are both nearly ready for a upgrade. The S1 is the only Mirrorless I would buy right now.

Did you buy one? It doesn’t do Panasonic’s sales figures any good to produce a camera that “would be” customers claim to love, but nonetheless fail purchase. 

For myself, if I wanted one I would already have bought one. I have zero interest in purchasing either of these new full frame Panasonic’s. However, I do look forward to seeing the next iterations of these S series cameras. Hopefully, the successors will not lack woefully absent features of the current models.

Sporting Sony’s newest 100MP sensor, the new Hasselblad could be an amazing entry into the market. For me, it would need to be stellar to warrant the investment. If it doesn’t blow me away I’ll pass on that also. 

The bar has been raised, as most of the current cameras are pretty good. Granted, none are perfect... but what is?

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It's not particularly surprising Panasonic's sales are disappointing; it's hard to see who their intended market was.

Breaking it down, potential buyers are current Sony, Canon, Nikon, or m/43 users, and for m4/3, read mostly GH5 and GH4 users. Sony users won't be tempted. The only compelling upgrade the Panasonic offers is ergonomics, and if they cared about that, they wouldn't be Sony users. On the minus side, the Pansonic lens selection is limited and pricey, and the autofocus worse or reputed to be worse, which is the same thing to potential purchasers. Nikon and Canon users won't be tempted for one reason: lenses. One of the main draws of the Z and R mounts is compatibility with the existing EF and F mount lenses. People looking to get into a $2,000 plus 35mm format mirrorless system are almost universally going to be experienced shooters with a drawer full of lenses. Sticking with their current brand allows them to preserve that investment and transition in stages if they choose using the mount adapters; going Panasonic deprecates that investment and doesn't seem to offer enough compelling in return. You could, theoretically, use mount adapters for the L-mount, but whereas the Canon and Nikon mount adapters are almost seamless, the L-mount ones are less than ideal. A kludge rather than a well engineered solution.

And GH5 or GH5s shooters would upgrade to this why? Ok, a marginal improvement in image quality, but a huge increase in cost, size and weight. Plus no using existing lenses.

All that's before we get to price. I just specced out roughly comparable systems on B&H. A Z6 plus 24-70, 50mm 1.8, FTZ and 70-200 f/4 (F mount) clocks in at $4,300. You can shave $600 off that if you want the slower, but longer and still excellent, 70-300 AF-P. The S1 plus 24-105, 70-200 f/4, and 40mm Sigma 1.4 is $6,300! Add $1,000 if you want the Panasonic 50mm. Oh, and the Sigma's not available yet. 

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