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News round-up including a look at the 70D's image quality

Andrew Reid

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 that rate the 60D higher than the GH3. Just so I am clear that is not something many of you would agree with?



This is a filmmaking forum. Many cameras like the 60D do both stills and photography. We are primarily interested in how well a camera system works for shooting video. Stills are fairly irreverent around here.


Here's the bottom-line if you want to get into video production and are choosing a camera system: the investment comes after the camera body purchase. If you go with 60d/70d, you are going to begin investing in Canon glass. If you go with GH3 or BMPCC (pocket camera), you are going to start buying mFT glass. If you go with Nikon, etc...


With the advance in tech, we are all tossing our camera bodies every 18 months to buy the new latest-and-greatest. However, our lens set becomes our old friends for years to come. 


If you want to get started in video production, you can't go wrong buying a used t2i/t3i/t4i/60d/7d -- and throwing a 50mm f1.8 on the front and going nuts. I shot money-making jobs with this combo for more than a year when I started.


If you want to buy new -- you have a handful of good options, but for the dedicated filmmaker -- you want the GH3 or the BMPCC. Why? Beyond the stellar image quality for the price -- they are the only bodies in the price range to include a headphone jack.


If you want a new camera today, get the GH3 -- without question.

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I have never read such an ill conceived comparison as that Snapsort one.


60D has built in auto-focus motor? No Snapsort... try the Nikon equivalent.


They list flip out screen on 60D an advantage over GH3, whilst both have them.


"Great battery life" on 60D applies to stills only with the LCD turned off. GH3 has the better battery life for video and live-view shooting.


They say the 60D has faster autofocus. Ha. Try AF in video / live-view on that vs GH3. I'll think you'll find it is 5 seconds worth of hunting around vs 0.2sec.


Another gem... 60D has apparently "much more lenses available". Nope. The GH3 has more if you count adapters. The mount is much more flexible and can take more lenses.


Then under GH3 advantages they claim 60D has no image stabilisation. WTF? Never heard of Canon IS lenses?


They list 18 advantages to the GH3 and only 9 for the 60D and claim the GH3 has better image quality and more dynamic range, but yet rate the 60D at 89 and the GH3 at 49 and claim the 60D wins.


This is what happens when you get reviewers plucking stats from the internet without having ever touched a camera.


So yeah... Panasonic have their work cut out it seems. Half the world are this ignorant as well.

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Take a look at this - http://snapsort.com/compare/Canon_EOS_60D-vs-Panasonic-Lumix-DMC-GH3/score


They have weighted camera popularity as 100 in the points scheme. Insane.


Thus 60D scores 90 and GH3 just 5 for that, whilst image quality (based on DXOMark which only measures the sensor and not video or image processing) is weighted far less at 45.


Had the 60D not been handed that 90 for simply being a Canon, the GH3 would have won on the final tally 96.4 to 83.2 and that is not even taking video into account which is vastly better featured and better quality on the Panasonic.

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