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The 3-hour 1-minute Film Challenge

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So, this thread has been on my mind, but being that I'm an introvert who mostly doesn't leave the house, and also that my family aren't interested in being on-camera and neither am I, I've struggled to think of cool ideas for this challenge.  

The reason that I've been trying to push myself to do more stuff like this is that if you practice when it doesn't matter, you will be better for when you're on a real shoot and it does matter.  When I was doing stills photography I joined some photography Meetup groups, and that was really cool, but there aren't equivalent groups for film-making.

This video is interesting, talking about how to train as a film-maker, listing a number of 'drills':


  • Practice setting up your camera rig, which helps with making sure you can do it quickly and don't forget things
  • Mess up your camera settings deliberately then practice setting them all back to normal
  • Practice manual focus, even if you use AF most of the time, MF is still something you probably need occasionally
  • Practice moving shots, especially if you're hand-held or using a gimbal, but sliders and tripod moves too
  • Practice going into new locations and finding compositions
  • Same as above for lighting
  • Get some work and do it, even if you're working for free it's great because there aren't high expectations, but weddings are also great because you have to do everything well and also quickly
  • Sports people train to get better, so why wouldn't you do that as a film-maker...  an hour a day would really help

Interesting list of things, with an emphasis on speed (IIRC Matti has a documentary background so he talked about needing to work quickly) which can only be a useful skill.

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