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Hybrid Log Gamma in lowlight

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While I do not own a GH5, but an XT3 with HLG, I do not use HLG in low-light, or ever.

FLog usually has enough data for low-light, but I would recommend you use a non-log profile. Cine-D would be my pick. 

When I shoot in lower light I always switch over to one of the Provia modes.


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1 hour ago, @yan_berthemy_photography said:

Hello there,

I am having a question about color profile with the GH5, for the low light situation.

Imagine you are in a lowlight situation (in the street), shooting skin tones, would you use CINE-D or Hybrid Log Gamma?

Thank you.

I normally find that if you can run a short test to answer a question then that's normally the best way to do it.

I have a GH5 and I'd run the test for you, but you should just do the test yourself and that way you get to choose the right scenario and look at the footage without internet compression :)

Edit: quoted the wrong message first time around. fixed now :)

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